Friday, February 8, 2008

Day 222's Blog Takeover

Hey kids. As you may have noticed my wife has fairly good taste and ideas when it comes to decorating. As the capitalist for most of these future projects I have bartered to have control of one room. I know she’s basically doing it so she can banish my taste to one room in the house that very few people will see while still making me feel like some of my ideas got put into the house. That won’t bother me so much when I spend time in my Man Room.

The Man Room is not a new concept. Bill Simmons has a man cave in his basement. Many people with larger houses have game rooms with a poker table and a large tv. I don’t really have the luxury of being able to take over a large finished basement with a pool table, poker table, foosball table, etc so I’ll be using the third bedroom. Plus, I really don't need a tv in there because she so graciously let me hook the PS2 up to my new plasma in the living room, and she doesn't really get mad that the GH guitars are just leaning against the wall. Isn't she great.

It’s basically going to be an office, but I have big plans for this space. See exhibits A & B.

Maybe throw a few of these on the wall.

Top it off with what I consider to be a staple of the Man Room…the globe.

As you can see it’s all gonna be classy. I’ve got a football signed by the undefeated 93 team and another one signed by Mr. Thomas Hawley Tuberville himself that would look great on the bookshelves.Maybe one day I'll even have enough room for one of these bad boys.

EDIT: Check out this website for more pictures of alternate aquariums.


Lindsay said...


yay Yay YAY YAY YAY!!!!

First - the Man Room. Whatever floats your boat. But that fishtank is God-awful.

Second - I hope this doesn't mean that this blog is going to fold in three months... {cough "I Miss College Life" cough}.


Jennifer said...

the fish tank - THANK YOU, Lindsay.

good post, otherwise!

and what is this RNYDEMS business ya'll have going on? or do I even want to know...?

Lindsay said...

We've been doing that for a year and a half. You just haven't noticed.

David said...

Wes, I asked LJ if it would be creepy if I commented on your blog, since she gave me the address. But I decided you deserved a comment anyway.

I think the Man Room is great. STICK TO YOUR GUNS with the fish tank. That is AWESOME. Get min-sharks. And solid Bill Simmons drop-in too. Did you see he's auctioning his unlucky Randy Moss jersey on ebay?

Wes said...

FB and Jenn,
whoa whoa whoa. That fishtank is not God-awful. And even so, I'm not saying I'm going to get one exactly like that. I posted it as an example of what I could put in the room to make it awesome. You may have just turned into my SFB.

Not creepy at all. I appreciate your comment. It will definitely be saltwater. Sharks would be awesome. Maybe even a small sting-ray. I did read about Bill's Moss jersey. If I had thousands of dollars to donate to the V foundation I would buy it and put it in the Man Room.

Lindsay said...

A sting-ray would make me change my mind completely. That would be bad a$$. But just fish? BFD.

And unless that S stands for Super, you're talking nonsense.


Lindsay said...


PS - Fireplaces are so much sexier than fishtanks.