Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Day 226's New Family Member

In an effort to offset all the decorating on this blog, I’ve decided to post as much as possible in the coming months. Jenn can handle the decorating and I'll handle the home improvements.

Ok, so the title might be a little misleading. There are no new family members to report. And even if there were, most of you would find out by phone and not this blog. But I have been researching dogs a lot lately. The new house has plenty of yard, and I have always wanted a dog. Jennifer is kind of on board with getting one, especially since I’ve been putting up with her cat for the last 6 months.

This may come as a shock to some people, but I’m not really into big dogs. I don’t even really like labs. They are too dependant, too slobbery, too smelly, too dirty. I’m not a fan of having to shower and wash my clothes after walking up to them to feed them. My brother has a mastiff (like in The Sandlot), and it’s a very cool dog. It’s just not a dog that I can bring inside and play with or run with outside in a park or the yard. If you run with Rocco (the mastiff) it’s basically running for your life because he could eat you. All this to say, I would rather have a dog that is as loyal as a lab or retriever, but smaller and easier to control.

I’ve narrowed it down to three main breeds.

The Spaniel (English Cocker Spaniel, Welsh Springer Spaniel)

The Terrier (Border Terrier)

And my favorite, the Whippet.

If you can't see why it's my favorite then maybe you just don't know enough about them. They are sighthounds, developed by breeding greyhounds with Italian greyhounds and terriers. They have a top speed around 35-40 mph and once they see a small furry little animal they will chase it until they catch and eat it. Jennifer's dad has one and I've been crazy about them ever since I hung out with it at Christmas.

It's going to be hard to steer me away from the whippet, but if you have any of these dogs or have any breed suggestions please feel free to comment. I would like as much information as possible.


Jennifer said...

think Peepers counts as a "small little funny animal"?

yikes, I hope not!

Lindsay said...


As in,

"When a problem comes along,
You must whip it!
Before the cream sits out too long,
You must whip it!
When something's going wrong,
You must whip it!

Now whip it!
Into shape!
Shape it up!
Get straight!
Go forward!
Move ahead!
Try to detect it!
It's not too late!
To whip it,

When a good time turns around,
You must whip it!
You will never live it down,
Unless you whip it!
No one gets their way,
Until they whip it!

I say whip it - Whip it good!!!"

Wes said...

It will be named Wellington Whitford Tuberville

erika said...

Okay, so I have two terriers (or almost terriers) that I got from here: www.petfinder.org - I highly recommend it - you can find Whippets, Terriers and even things in between. My last dog was a lab, don't get me wrong - I loved him, I grew up with Golden Retrievers, and I 100% agree that the "fur, slober, stink, big poopies" etc are a lot more work. Small dogs have as much love to give (maybe even more) than big dogs and are a ton easier to A) travel with B) care for and C) (in my opinion) are healthier (less joint issues etc). My girls are Penelope & Paisley and I call them "terrihuahuas" a mix of Jack Russell and Chihuahua (speculation)... they are sporty and sweet. Check out petfinder - you may even find a Whippet in your area. THEY are beautiful dogs!!! Keep us posted on your search!