Monday, March 10, 2008

Day 253's home improvement project

We’ve been in the new house for 2 weeks now. The first weekend was spent moving and getting boxes in the right rooms. We unpacked and organized things throughout the first week and the following weekend. We got the dog on March 2nd so this past week was mainly devoted to little Mad(die) dog.

During that time I grounded the electrical outlets to the plasma TV and my laptop; installed a new handle, lock, and latch on the door into my shop under the house; and replaced some corroded cast iron plumbing with PVC with help from my dad. But this past weekend I was determined to make some kind of worthwhile exterior home improvement.

Our mailbox had been bugging me ever since I saw the house. Whoever invented them is a horrible person. The unit consisted of an iron rod attached to a spring attached to some concrete. I guess it was made to bounce back after being hit with a baseball bat. If I ever have problems with delinquent kids I'm not going to put in a mailbox that won't die...I'm going to replace the current box with one filled with concrete so they'll leave it the hell alone.

This picture doesn't really do it justice because it was taken post-removal. The actual mailbox was gray and didn’t close properly. The whole thing swayed in the wind. I think the last straw was when the mailman was trying to open it and he ended up pulling the whole thing forward without opening the door. I was with Maddie in the front yard and I apologized profusely while he gave me a dirty look and told him that I would replace it this weekend.

Jennifer and I made what is turning into a weekly trip to Lowe’s on Sunday and came out with a black mailbox, a post with crossbar, some paint and primer, post hole digger, shovel, 5” numbers, some wood putty, and a $125 debit charge.

We got back home, Jennifer left to go to Target, and I began the project. I should note that while I was working I had different conversations with all of our neighbors (the two on either side and the one across the street). The guy across the street wanted to know if I needed some Quikrete and any help pouring it. He's a nice guy but I get the impression that he doesn't get much adult male interaction at work or home. The older next door neighbor said I need to stop fixing things because I'm making him look bad and his wife is going to make him do yard work next weekend. The other next door neighbor said that his was looking rough and I could start on it anytime. I told him I charge by the hour, and even though he laughed awkwardly I think he's considering it. Anyway, 2 hours later Jennifer had this surprise waiting on her when she got home.


Lindsay said...

God you're handy. That's just downright impressive. I am going to borrow you if I ever move into a house that needs home repair.

Or, do us all a favor, and find an eligible bachelor who already owns a house that needs no repair (or that could do them himself).

Honestly. What's next, a DIY pool in the backyard?

Star said...

Wow, who knew you could actually do work? I worked with you for two years and you were never this productive.