Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 382

We're trying to do a good job of having at least one post per day, and Jennifer is doing a pretty good job of keeping that pace, but today she is uber busy at work. I don't have much time either, but I wanted to throw in a quick teaser about some upcoming posts.

I'm an Assistant Project Manager for one of the largest general contractors in the country. As such, I get a few perks. One of these perks is that I can rent equipment for the weekend from our company-owned equipment rental and supply company. I only pay the cost of delivery. I'm on the short list this weekend for a mini excavator.

A few weekends ago I took it upon myself to take a chainsaw to all the boxwoods in our front planting areas. I broke a shovel trying to get the roots out, so I'm going to thoroughly enjoy ripping those suckers up with a large machine. I'm also going to take care of all the river stones in the planters. I'll throw some topsoil and mulch on when I'm done, and then Jennifer and I can talk about what to plant in the fall.

We've got three old gas lanterns around the house that haven't worked for at least 5 years. The paint is chipping, the glass is falling out, and there are leaves in the gas line. My dad is coming down this weekend to help me plug up the lines in the basement so I can pull these eyesores out of the ground. And who knows, maybe Jennifer can save the cherry tree she bought a while back and we can plant it there.

In other news, I tuned up my front derailleur and re-taped my handlebars. Someone come to Birmingham and ride with me. Early Christmas list frontrunner: new cycling shoes.


Anonymous said...

you are seriously digging up boxwoods? are yours diseased or something? you do realize what good, healthy boxwoods cost, right? and they survive the harshest winters...maybe at least consider moving them not just digging them up.

Wes said...

I've already cut them down to the ground, I just couldn't get the roots out. I know what they cost, but we only had one, maybe two, worth saving. Also, we live in harsh winters here.

I'm up for planting some sort of holly or another evergreen. I really, truly hate boxwoods.

In hindsight, maybe I should have saved the ones that looked ok so we could plant them somewhere in the backyard, but once the chainsaw was cranked up there was no stopping me.

Jennifer said...

they all looked horrible! and I like boxwoods, so stay tuned to see what happens with that :)

and we're not totally crazy -- I made him save the azaleas even though they look ridiculous standing completely alone right now

Austin said...

First of all, Wes is renting heavy equipment to tear up your lawn - you're crazy. And B, He should use the scoop to dig a sweet pool in the back yard.

Laura said...

I disagree with the first poster. Unless boxwoods are extremely well manicured or miniature and lined with flowers and beautiful iron work in front of a expensive apartment building in NYC, they are not super pretty. I have witnessed them ripped out of the ground with a chain and a Volvo once (which really, is like having a small Abrams tank in your front yard...) You could always try that if your fancy rental machine doesn't work out! Good luck!

Wes said...

A)I tried to do it with a chain and the 4Runner, but the chain wouldn't stay at the base of the bush. It kept sliding up and over the top. I pulled one diminishing azalea out with the chain because it's base is more tree-like and "branches" kept the chain in place.
And 2)Thank you Laura for sticking up for me. I hate boxwoods. When they're planted next to each other they stop growing on the adjacent sides. The only good looking ones are the miniature ones that are super-full and planted with proper spacing.