Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 513's progress

We've been busy! You may remember that we installed an invisible fence to contain Maddie a few months ago. Well, it took her no time at all to discover that a second or two of electric shock was the price of freedom, and it was all she wrote after that. I think we were in denial for a little while, but after several mornings and evenings in a row of chasing her around the neighborhood, we realized we had to do something -- both for her safety and our sanity.

So, a conventional fence it will be -- with the electric wire running outside it to deter digging. We discovered that we could install a wooden fence for the same price as having a chain-link fence installed, and are almost finished after just three days of work (but not in a row). We rented a two-man gas auger to dig the fence post holes. Jennifer was a champ with the auger one Saturday and my college roommate Ben helped me finish up the holes the following Sunday. My dad came down this weekend and we put up about 300 fence boards. If all goes as planned we hope to finish up on Sunday.

Here, you see the finished side. The easement between our yard and our neighbor's is overgrown with who-knows-what so we decided to put the "finished/good" side facing our yard since they can't see the other side anyway. They're super nice and fine with it, but when it comes to the city ordinances I followed the "ask forgiveness not permission" rule on this one. We'll see how that goes. I can always add boards on the back side and see if the neighbors will go halvesies.

This is the back of the fence, with a larger-than-normal gate to allow dumping of grass clippings and such into the bushes.

Above the retaining wall, the fence connects to the carport. Jennifer insisted on four-foot pickets here (the rest of it is six feet tall) so she could see into the yard without opening the gate, and I think it looks really good. There's another 6 ft gate on the other side of the house.

I'm sure she can't wait to get her little hands on this little gardening area.

...And please excuse the leaves.


Curious said...

i don't want this to sound rude...but i was wondering if you'd enlighten us on how much you spent per linear foot. we have a chain link fence that is about 4.5' high and our dog can jump it. We would like to install a wooden fence, but the price from a fence installer is quite expensive. So i was wondering how much it was diy. Thanks

paula said...

how exciting. your yard looks huge! btw, thanks for the info.

Wes said...


Expect to pay between $7 to $10/lf. The price from the chain link guy was $10/lf installed.

Your dog jumps it? What kind of dog do you have?

If there are enough curious readers/commenters out there I'll give a complete breakdown and how-to.

Curious...again said...

He's an irish setter and he jumps it with no problem at all...When we first adopted him, he stayed in the fence for about a week. Then once he jumped over, we got an underground fence...that too worked for about a week. We want to do a wooden fence, but don't know if we will get a return on our investment in this market. I think the DIY version would save us at least $1700. I might be putting my husband to work after Christmas :)

megan said...

The fence looks SO good! Great job! I know Maddie will be thrilled once it is finished.

Jenn said...

We are moving to a new state and recently bought six acres in a neighborhood that encourages invisible, electric fences. After everyone in real life and online swore that their dog never escaped theirs, I'm glad to see at least one owner with a dog willing to get a shock or two and make a run for it. I was starting to worry that I owned the only stubborn dog around...

The fence looks great, btw.