Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 548's loot

Sorry for the long absence. We have been all over the place since the last post and haven't had much time to stop, and honestly even when we did we didn't really think about posting. Again, we're sorry. Also, Jennifer doesn't have to be back at work until January 5, so posting will probably be either light or uninteresting until then.

Well, we stocked up pretty well this Christmas. We cut back a bit from Christmases past because of the economic uncertainty, but still had tons of fun. There's something to be said about good food (and wine), good company, Guitar Hero marathons, crying during Marley & Me, and sleeping late.

One of the main gifts I gave Jennifer was this J. Crew jacket (color: Sweet Potato). She picked it out and sent me the link so it wasn't really a big surprise, but she loves it and has already gotten several compliments.

She got me this Taylor Made golf bag. It was on sale back in October so we bought it and just stored it in the office. I had my clubs in it a month ago. Again, not really a big surprise.

Stay posted to see some of our actual Christmas surprises. What was your favorite gift this Christmas?


Jenny said...

Cute jacket and nice golf bag! We were the same way this year. DH is getting me a membership to a nice gym and I got him a new grill. Gifts we'll both get benefits from.
Gotta love those video game marathons!

No.35style said...

Love the jacket!

Tamstyles said...

I am new to your blog, but love what you post. I was in J Crew yesterday. That jacket is so pretty. I will be back to check out your future posts. Be sure to stop by as well.

Leigh said...

The Fiona jacket in that color is a nice purchase. The jacket is so versatile and the color is so fun.

SM said...

Jen - once again, I got the same jacket for Christmas :)

paula said...

oh how fun! i especially love that jacket and your bag is not too shabby it self, ha. i received a pair of shoes that i thought were too expensive, but the hubby new i loved them.