Friday, October 28, 2011

Goldenrod Yellow

It's that time of year - the goldenrod is blooming everywhere. I clipped some from an empty lot near our neighborhood (I sure the guys in the pizza parlor next door think I'm crazy), but it wasn't as photogenic as it has been in years past. And while I am not usually a big yellow lover, I was quite taken with the color in House & Homes' Princess Margaret Showhome. Isn't this the most cheerful kitchen? Pairing the hue with a dusty charcoal gray and light wood finishes was unexpected and chic.

Photos are by Michael Graydon for Canadian House & Home.


Gail said...

Goldenrod yellow is my favorite color! Love the kitchen, though I think for me personally I like it in more subtle flowers or decor accents. :)

Hope you are well! Come visit me sometime @!


Caroline @ Between Your Ears said...

Love yellow in rooms, especially this goldenrod shade!!!

aBroad said...

That is a wonderful color in the kitchen but give me Toile anytime, any color :)
Happy weekend ! C

Filia Artis said...

Interesting story about this very kitchen...

Went to meet a new friend at her home for a playdate. She has pretty much the same cabinets and a lot of similar elements - complaining how she hates her kitchen. Then I pulled this H & H off her counter in the kitchen and showed her these photos - it was neat how with a few changes, she could see how her own yellow cabinets would look good!

PS. Encouragement to keep up with the blogging - I also went through a slow period after baby, but it picked up again later on and your content is always great!


Val said...

I love that color too. Those cabinets are so interesting too with the little square ones at the very top. :)

Gerry Bossier said...

The wooden furniture looks nice, even if they don't have any paint. Do you have any plans on painting them?

Glass Doors said...

That was an adorable staircase adjacent to main door. Those furnitures can be painted with varnish if desired when time comes their color fades.

Nighel Hamilton said...

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Sharone Pagasa said...

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