Monday, May 23, 2011

Dream House: Mudroom

The mudroom in the Tennessee farmhouse I grew up in was essential for shedding boots dirty from the barn and pastures, but here in suburbia, it would still be pretty nice to have one. Durable walls (board + batten, planks, or tongue-in-groove paneling painted semi-gloss) and floors, ample storage, and place to sit make for a perfect casual entry.

And a designated spot for the dog bed would be nice, too.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Mothers' Day Wishes

Last year on Mother's Day we surprised our moms with cards from "Baby Bonds to-be." It was a joyful and exciting occasion, as they were both eagerly awaiting the day they would become grandmothers.

I know this Sunday will be so much sweeter because of this blue-eyed baby girl. Elliot brings so much joy and life to our family, and she gives my days purpose and meaning. I am honored to be her momma. To every mother, and mother-to-be, I hope you are blessed this day.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Not-So-Pretty Things

My heart is so heavy, I just couldn't bear to look at the last post any longer. You may know, I live in Birmingham, Alabama, just one of many communities devastated by tornadoes last week. Our home was spared by a few miles, Wes's parents' home was spared by a few city blocks, and for that we are thankful. But the need in our state (and others) is great, and goes far beyond the communities that have been covered well by the news stations. Thankfully, local response and compassion has also been great, and there are more ways to help than I can mention here (though please email me if you want some ideas!). If you do not live in the area and are moved to help, the American Red Cross is a good place to start. (Photo is of Pleasant Grove, just west of downtown Birmingham, by Butch Dill/AP, via MSNBC)