Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 586's pretty find

I love these white ceramics by Coe&Waito, a duo of design-school friends who bonded over a mutual desire to make beautiful and personal objects. They create these in their studio in Ontario.

Large Bowls, $120, made of slipcast porcelain with a creamy, clear glaze on the inside.

The hand-sculpted pine cones are especially charming. $150-$120 each.

The glazed interior of the Bird Bowls are applied with black bird decals. $64 for the large and $52 for the small size.

The outside of the White Vase is left unglazed. $80. Just beautiful!


layersofmeaning said...

love those pine cones!
but a bit to expensive for me :(

Jennifer said...

a bit (okay, a lot!) too expensive for me too, but they sure are pretty!

Blueprint Bliss said...

i love those... esp the first photo. yes, out of my price range too!

Double L said...

What charming pieces. Went to the C&W site. Loved the pinecones, acorns, and the votive...I also found the "special projects" section of their site quite beautiful--esp. the maple keys and the chandelier..
Thanks for sharing this.

paula said...

oh my, my heart is racing. stunning.

saltbox girl said...

Those scalloped edges are so charming. Love them.

Lauren said...

ah you know i love these with my white obsesion- awesome find!!