Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Day 205's flirty finds

I don't really consider myself super-feminine. I like to decorate with blues and grays and dark finishes, and I love kind of manly pieces of clothing like well-tailored suits and navy peacoats. Which is why my affinity for most things ruffled is puzzling. I think this anthropologie shower curtain set it off. I need to just break down and buy it, even though my shower is curtained.

Pretty, but restrained, ruffles are appearing for spring, which makes me quite happy. A graphic print and ruffles? Yes please.

I know that Wes will never, ever ever go for this, but I'm attracted to it, nonetheless. Maybe in 40 years for grandma-me.


Anonymous said...

Jen - I have the shower curtain and I highly recommend it :)
p.s. Where did you find the picture of the table cloth?

Jennifer said...

you so would! I love that.

no telling ...I didn't label it!

Anonymous said...

i love it. ALL. all so good. love your blog! funny cat too!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap that table cloth is hideous. Peepers the Cat is the funniest/dumbest/meanest/nicest/most annoying cat ever.

Pink Wallpaper said...

i love that shirt!