Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 474's ideas

I was browsing online today, and came across this. I'd much rather decorate with natural materials than fakey things (and then have to store them after the holidays), and I think this look could be really easily recreated with easy-to-find things -- and it'd probably be cheaper, too!

Photo by Kindra Clineff for Country Living

I'd cut a hole in the top of some "Baby Boo" pumpkins (picked up for $.69 each at my local Publix) and insert a white candle.

Sheet moss can be found at craft or garden stores and used until it's too dry and crumbly. Then I'd add some acorns, pine cones, sweet gum balls, and pretty leaves from my yard (and maybe the neighbor's, too...).

Guests would write what they are thankful for on plain manila gift tags and hang them on the tree.

Now, the tree is giving me some problems. Bryn found something that might work, but at $159, it's not the budget-friendly option I had in mind. I would probably gather some shapely branches from the yard and anchor them with sand and rocks inside a pretty urn or heavy vase.

Too bad Thanksgiving at our house is years away!


Sarah Ring said...

Try a manzita branch from Nettleton Hollow dot com! That should do the trick for your branch dilemma!

McGee said...

We clipped a bunch of branches from one of our crape myrtle trees and let them dry out. Then we simply picked leaves and blooms off the branches and dropped them into a heavy lead crystal vase. We scattered some small pumpkins, gourds and candles around the vase and voila - instant centerpiece! :)

megan @ a life's design said...

Like you, we won't have Thanksgiving at our home anytime soon. But I love this idea and decor. It is a wonderful tradition to start.

Anonymous said...

I just love "baby boo" pumpkins and I'm glad you do too!! They are just so elegant and classy looking on a dinner table!

I added you to my "favorite newlyweds" list today. Check it out! :)

Unknown said...

I had a wish tree at my wedding and we used curly can find some at michaels or world market and it's cheap and pretty versatile! cute ideas :)

Anonymous said...

Are y'all in the Jones Thanksgiving Rotation schedule? Cause you SO should be! You've got my vote. =)

Corey said...

I too am loving the white pumpkins. Traditional yet modern and clean.

ellen said...

check out -- or Michaels/Hobby Lobby

Or paint some fallen branches from your backyard?

Anonymous said...

This cute little iron tree is a bit cheaper than the one Bryn dug up (although still nowhere near free) so I thought I'd pass it along. I thought the idea of cards & pictures hanging off of it was cute too!

Sherry (& John)