Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 500: budget-friendly holiday gifts

Hard to believe, but it's almost time to pull out the Christmas decorations! I should confess that I gave in and started to listen to Christmas tunes on the radio yesterday, and am headed into full-on holiday spirit very soon. I'll refrain from posting too many Christmas-y things here until after Thanksgiving, but let's be honest, gift-giving is a totally acceptable subject this time of the year.

I doubt I'm alone in saying that the holiday gift budget this year is a little, um, bare. For us, it's totally fine. We've spent big in the last 10 months (hello, bought a house!) and there aren't many things on either of our "lists." But we'd still like to show our loved ones that we care without coming across as total misers. Enter the homemade gift. Here are a few ideas I'm mulling over.

Jacquard dish towels are almost too pretty to be covered in dish gunk. I'd bake a couple of loaves of yummy bread, wrap them in parchment and then one of these beauties. Okay, fine, it's not a steal, but that's where TJ Maxx comes in!

Style Court made a lovely set of stationery with a couple of supplies from Paper-Source and some pretty paper. I love the idea of using rubber stamps or scissors with a fun edge to make one-of-a-kind pieces. And if I can find the time, I may even DIY our Christmas cards this year. We'll see.

I love giving things that people probably wouldn't buy for themselves, and linen napkins definitely fall into that category -- especially when embellished with a fun stamp or monogram. Paint for fabric and a rubber stamp would make for an easy project, or you could have a simple set monogrammed.


guildencrantz said...

You can get lovely jacquard napkins at Kmart for a steal:


...and you can find an acorn tureen (like the one on the Williams-Sonoma site) at JoAnn Fabrics, of all places! They aren't listed online, though.

Shhh....I won't tell. :)

GrannySmithGreen said...

I truly love the idea of the jacquard dish clothes with baked goods. How much nicer would that be than cellophane. Great call.

(On Julia Reed's interiors: I think her furnishings, as I recall, are from her grandmothers--Each side of the family contributed a certain style element. You obviously are a fan as well! If I am remembering correctly, the rug is a Julia purchase.)

You've got a great blog. Always a fun read!

Anonymous said...

That is so funny you mentioned that linen napkins fall into the "probably wouldn't buy for themselves" category. Just this past weekend I was shopping and found a set that I loved but couldn't get myself to buy...I would love to receive these as a gift! Great idea!