Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 520's thanksgiving wrap-up

We're back from a fun (but quick!) two days in Dallas, where we spent Thanksgiving with my dad's family. We ate lots of delicious food, watched some football, caught up with folks we don't see often enough (including my best friend from childhood who now lives in Dallas, hi Kirsti!), and admired my aunt and uncle's spiffy new kitchen, which they finished just before we descended upon their house.

Pictured here is the dining table, which is made of reclaimed wood. A custom banquette is one side, and on the other are upholstered dining chairs.

You can see that we were a little tight (there were 17 of us!), but the table was lovely.

The new dining area is in the first addition made to their 1940's cottage in Highland Park. They opened the back kitchen wall and created a family room on the back of the house.

Where there was once a TV, there is now an enviable butler's pantry.

During the 2008 remodel, they opened the kitchen to the front room to create a living and eating space that extends from the front door to the back door. Where there was a wall diving the kitchen and dining room, you now see the breakfast bar.

This made space for two seating areas in the living room. Here, a leather sofa faces a wall-mounted flat-screen television.

And at the very front of the house, this pretty sofa and chair are perfect for reading or catching up. Love your cow-skin rug, Aunt Cynthia!


Benny said...

That last photo . . . AMAZING! I would love to have that sofa and chair set!

Amanda said...

Great decorating skills must run in your family. Love your aunt's interiors! I want Santa to bring me a reclaimed dining room table :)

Unknown said...

the house and table look fantastic. I really like that look!

The Marden Family said...

Thanks for sharing- your aunt has great taste! I love the color scheme of the living area and the table setting- gorgeous!

The Marden Family said...

Random question, but you don't know what fabric she used on the banquette pillows do you??

No.35style said...

LOVE, love that area of Dallas. It and the little neighborhoods off of Greenville Ave. and the Knox street area. Love that table setting, too!

paula said...

how pretty is that house! btw, that house has sold, but wanted to share it anyway. so jealous you went in. is it as great as it looks in the pics?