Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 864's idea for indoor plants

I haven't quite figured out the whole indoor plant thing. I think I should have them. I think. I've killed a couple, and have yet to make one look quite right. The idea of massing them together is intriguing, thought not entirely practical in a room that gets a lot of use.

Deborah Needleman's take (featured in Lonny, at the top) is kind of wily, with plenty of plants in all shapes and textures. Martha's version is -- no surprise -- more orderly, featuring only different varieties of cactus. In both cases, the plants are united with terra cotta pots. So maybe not a great idea if you need a place to set down a cup of coffee, but pretty to look at? Definitely, yes.


paula said...

I do love this idea. I am trying to incorporate more, but it is hard.

Pamela said...

I love this idea - particularly the Lonny style. I highly recommend Calendiva as a "hard to kill" houseplant. I picked one up for $8 or so at the grocery store on a whim and it still looks lovely on a side table in my living room.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this clustered look!

I mentally count about 15 plants around my house - most are low-light plants: various ferns (Maidenhairs are too high maintenance and will break your heart when they quickly collapse) ivies, hoyas, spathaphillum, and a nearly perfect low light plant, aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen).

I wish I had fresh flowers every week in my house, but these little touches of green that light up a corner or a table are pleasant and go a long way in between my trips to the florist.

I didn't have success at first - I bought a book after a few unhappy attempts "The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual."

What I have discovered is that by choosing low-light plants I can do a once a week watering for all, since they are not burning away in hot windows with direct light.

Also, many of my plants will do just fine tucked under a handsome lamp with a CFL bulb that is left on during the day. The slightly green cast of the light is enough to keep plants happy and growing. Actually, the plants are probably just an excuse for me to collect pretty cachepots.

Wow. Too much information! Sorry! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love that first pic - a perfect way to green up a corner of a room!

We have half a dozen plants throughout our house - mostly ferns and succulents. I love how it brings the outside, in!

Jacinda Davis said...

This is a great idea! We have a round table in our entry way. If it was covered with plants then there will be no room for it to gather random clutter!

Yet I have a hard time keeping houseplants alive. I like the suggestions in the comments. Maybe there's still hope for me, or my houseplants rather.

Vanilla Press said...

OOh, I love that top picture. I have to say, I don't have any plants indoors...My kitchen leads out onto decking & all the plants are out there, I wonder if they would grow inside?!

megan @ a life's design said...

i like the grouping idea; but i need the space and the ability to make them live!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog and just wanted to say Hi! I love all the pictures that you post... We seem to have similar taste. I also kill all of my indoor AND outdoor plants... it's pathetic. xoRH