Monday, March 15, 2010

Inspired by: Matte Black Furniture

I don't usually love black painted furniture -- just not my thing, I guess-- but when the finish is matte I can't get enough. I blame this on my obsession with black basalt.

The new black furniture kick was set off by Haskell Harris' cabinet (I first spotted it on Style Court). She painted it herself with chalkboard paint, which immediately sent me on a quest through my house looking for something I could take a paintbrush to. I didn't come up with much -- the inside of my living room shelves and my blue chest are the only contenders.

I then headed for 1st Dibs for a little more eye candy. I'm quite sure I could find a place for this darling writing desk. Doesn't this hardware remind you of some I was mulling over last month?

And I think I have posted a similar painted secretary before but I couldn't resist including it again. We have an Eastlake secretary (on semi-permanent loan from my dad) but I don't think I could bear to paint it. Though it is certainly tempting!


Allison said...

I feel the same way and found a similar writing desk at a consignment shop. It had been exactly what I wanted and was only$50, but it was black and I really just don't think the color would have worked with my home. It was so beautiful as is (with a perfect worn finish) I would hate to paint it. I couldn't get it! I'm still torn about it because the shape was perfect.

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

I bought some chalkboard paint last week and the first thing Michael said was- what are you going to do with that? Hmmm... I'm not sure but I'll find something! :)

paula said...

Love the matte. I painted a small wall in the kitchen with chalkboard paint. I love it so much I haven't mentioned to the kiddos that they can write on it.

for the love of a house said...

Love the black matte too! And the black basalt.... yum- I see why you are obsessed!!

LindsB said...

Maybe you could get something on craigslist to paint black and get your fix

Doug Davis said...

I briefly had the thought of painting the sideboard that's sitting under my television with chalkboard paint but never got up the nerve...leave it to Haskell to do it and to have the result be amazing!

Haven and Home said...

Now you are making me walk through my house- paint brush in hand- looking for something to make over. There is something about matte black that I love!

jacika said...

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