Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lanterns in Bedrooms

I adore the lantern in our dining room, and have given it a spot on the short list of things I will want to grab should our house catch on fire. (It's morbid to have such a list, I know.) It's definitely coming with us to our next house, where the trouble will be choosing a room to put it in. Over a small dining table? Yes. Living room? Yes. Bedroom? Also, yes!

Photos: Mary Evelyn Interiors as seen in Southern Accents; Anne Coyle Interiors, photographed by Robbie Caponetto for Cottage Living; unknown source via Little Green Notebook; photographed by Roger Davies for Cottage Living; unknown source via Cote de Texas.


Southern Lady said...

Love them. Carla

Julie said...

Jennifer, I adore the lantern in your DR too!

How do you search for them? eBay? Antique markets? I'd love some tips!

Erin said...

You just gave me some great ideas on a color for our bedroom... love the color in the first and third images! And yes, I do realize that has nothing to do with what this post was actually about. Love the lanterns, too! A very cozy way to have do overhead lighting without resorting to a ceiling fan (which Adam loves) or a chandelier (which I love).

Lacey said...

I love the lanterns!

Lauren said...

jennifer- love your lantern!!!

just went through the posts i missed and your photography is just AWESOME. you're getting so good!!! (Well, you've always been good but they're looking seriously professional.)


Allie in Wonderland said...

beautiful. wanna come paint my bedroom...? pretty please?

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...


And, now I'm thinking I should really make a list of things to grab if the house is burning down.

Two pugs. Check.
Apple computer with all photos. Check.
Camera. Check.
School desk from Ryan's grandpa. Check.

Do I get to use a shopping cart or anything? I mean, hypothetically? ;)

Celeste said...

The Cottage Living Idea House in New Orleans had the most precious lanterns in the family room/dining room. They were made my an amazing local artist. The magazine is now history, but I cut out the photo for my "wish notebook!" Beautiful!

megan @ a life's design said...

i could probably have a lantern in every room in my house. love them!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

It definitely adds a cozy romantic flair