Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Color Inspiration

Fall color in our neck of the woods has been a bit lacking, probably thanks to our end-of-summer drought. But I still love the muted grays, greens, and browns of the leaf litter constantly falling onto our deck (and everywhere else in our yard).

There are plenty of ways to use the colors when decorating for fall, which is great for our house, where an orange pumpkin stands out like a sore thumb.

Photos: top three are mine, Colin Cooke, bottom three from Saipua.


Mrs. French said...

we would have the same aesthetic :)

JJChristian said...

Not usually the colors I think of when I hear "fall colors," but they fit and are gorgeous!

Julie Holloway said...

these pictures are romantic in an odd kind of way--I love fall colors, but I really don't do any seasonal decorating (except for Christmas!)

(so tickled you added my blog--you made my month :)

Michael Wurm Jr said...


who knew traditionally dark and gloomy colors could be so beautiful!?

Stephanie Sabbe said...

pretty pics. I like the monochromatic colors.