Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 117

So last night I remembered exactly why I hate Wal-Mart. I will preface with this: it was raining. I had to go after work, which is never a good time to grocery shop. And the Wal-Mart closest to our house isn't in the greatest area. Read: the ink cartridges are behind lock-and-key. Nice.

I had a gigantic list of things we needed. From salsa to deodorant to an over-the-door shoe organizer, we needed it all, and I even took a few minutes at work to categorize the list by department in an attempt to minimize the store-crossing. The minute I pulled into the parking lot, I knew I would be cutting the list short, and going home with the bare minimum. As I said, it was raining, and, as usual, the parking lot had an annoyingly high ratio of cars to shopping carts. Okay fine, those three carts can keep their close parking spot, I'll just park far away, at least I have my new mini umbrella.

The rest of trip was one mini-disaster after another. The few carts that had made it inside were dripping wet, the green bell peppers were near-rotted, there was only one can of black beans left, and it was off-brand and dented (can I get a discount for that?), the over-the-door show organizer was in the kitchen supplies (??), and on and on and on. So on top of the wet crowd and the check-out attendant's rude demeanor, my only consoluation was this: it's cheap.


Lindsay said...

I don't know which comes as a bigger shock: that you hate Wal Mart, or that you blogged about it.

Janice MacLeod said...

The only thing good about WalMart is that you only need to find one parking space in order to get your goods. But because of that, WalMart is nearly singlehandedly ruining the charm of every small town. It's a love hate thing.