Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day 130

Well, it's Wednesday afternoon, which means we're officially half-way through the work week. As I look ahead to the weekend, I thought I'd share a bit about the last. Frankly, it will be hard to beat.

Wes and I began the weekend with a trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond and used a gift certificate from the wedding and a mail-out coupon to take the sting out of purchasing a down insert for our duvet cover (and it was a good thing we did, too. This morning it was 34 degrees outside when our alarm went off!). Getting anything at a discounted rate is enough to put me in a good mood. We followed that up with a fantastic dinner at Carrabba's, where our waiter, Wes, tossed an entire loaf of that delicious bread into the carry-out bag! Three cheers for carbohydrates.

Saturday was full of glorious weather, football and old friends - what could be better?? - and topped off with a great parking spot at Twist and Shout to hear our summer 2006 favorite Tim Tyler's debut on the dueling pianos.

Far too much salsa verde and queso at La Paz after church meant we spent most of Sunday laying around watching DVDs of the first season of "How I Met Your Mother" (which is awesome, by the way). All of that laziness led to a small revelation on my part. Those of you in our close circle know there's been a lot of recent talk of Baby Elliot, our future/fictional daughter. So much talk and seeing pictures of co-workers' new additions has put me in a MAJOR baby mood. I even went so far as to think that it might be sort of fun to have one soon. Well, as I lay in my pajamas, in bed, surrounded by laundry that would wait for me another day, at three o'clock on a Sunday afternoon, it hit me: if we had a baby, this would not be possible. I might still be surrounded by laundry and (maybe) in my pajamas, but it wouldn't be on my terms. Fun and cute as they may be, we're just not ready for that yet. I hope "Aunt B" won't be too dissappointed!

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