Monday, November 19, 2007

Day 142's daunting task

With two of three Thanksgiving meals down and the December weekend calendar filling up before my eyes, my focus has officially shifted to Christmas. I'm trying my darndest to enjoy what is left of fall, but, let's be honest, I'm really just ready for scarf weather and our first Christmas tree!

Speaking of Christmas trees, what in the world is going to go under our's??? I've come to terms with the fact that Wes is impossible to surpise, and even gave in to buying a few gifts in front of him over the weekend. So what about me? What does my little heart desire? I have no idea. Absolutely NONE. We walked all over the mall on Sunday afternoon, and nothing so much as struck my fancy - not even in Banana Republic!

I've got my eye on a pair of lamps at a local shop, so that's an option. But part of me is afraid that by the time December 25 comes around, I will have moved on. Lamps might be a commitment I'm not willing to make for Christmas. I know what I really want: a new couch. I've got my eye on one of those, too. But it's just not really within our decided-upon budget.

I would like a few of these white Pottery Barn frames for our wedding pictures. 8x10 or oversize 5x7? I can't decide ...

With both Wes and my mom on my case, I've got to come up with something, and fast! Suggestions?

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Lindsay said...

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Fine china
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