Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day 206's blog crush

I realize it's basically counter-productive to send you to another blog, but, run, don't walk, over to Simply Breakfast: The Art of Breakfast and tell me you don't love it. It's so ... well, simple.

I'm feeling list-ish today, so here are my thoughts after scrolling through a few pages:

1. I should get up earlier. Instead of pop-tarts on a paper plate I could have this.
2. I need a new kitchen table. Mine wouldn't look as cool as her's (wow, am I 13 again??).
3. Is the February issue of Real Simple on the newsstand yet?
4. Where can I take a photography class?

**Update: check out her Etsy shop


Anonymous said...

i too love that blog! my list is similar, but has a #6: where can i get a camera as good as everyone elses with beautiful blog pictures?

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog Jen! Fantastic! Great reading for me while I am on the road. Hope you and Wes are doing just fabulous!