Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 346's reveal

I just know that you've all been on pins and needles, so without further ado, the living room before two coats of BM "Grant Beige:"

And after:

Once again, the difference is slight, but it's enough for me. And doesn't the TV hutch-thingy look better?!

We also painted the dining room, and I hung a few of our favorite wedding pictures. Almost a year after we were married, it finally looks like it in our house.

Once our economic stimulus living room chairs come in (thanks, W!), that room will be about finished. I still need to have our architecture prints framed, but need some inspiration. It'd be nice to have some color above the sofa, so maybe colored mats? I'm at a loss ... Suggestions are welcome!


Anonymous said...

uugghhh, an empty bourbon decanter. I need to run by ABC after work.

Amy said...

Looks good! My only warning re: colored mats is that they can be limiting in the event you want to move them to a different room, change up the decor, etc (I speak from experience). Maybe you could stick with a cream/ivory mat and go with a more interesting frame.

Kristin said...

We still don't have wedding photos of us up (been 2 yrs), so yeah, I know what you mean. I love the frames that you used and that glass lamp is super cute too. For the arch.prints: What about using chocolate brown/tan mattes and add a circle mirrior middle? I love one shown by mwtwt here( http://bp1.blogger.com/_Mi5VfhVwrzs/RnG7yfrx3AI/AAAAAAAAA40/__bnRiaTqsw/s1600-h/P1+Mirrors.jpg ) found at: ( http://morewaystowastetime.blogspot.com/2007/06/cool-stuff-pier-1-ups-hip-quotient.html ) Sorry for commenting with so many links!!!

Benny said...

This is a great blog! I will enjoy adding it to my list!


megan @ a life's design said...

yeah! it looks wonderful! i can't wait to see the new chairs when they arrive.

how's the bathroom coming along?!

Star said...

What ever happened to the beautiful fabric you were thinking about covering the coffee table with? Did you ever make a decision about it, because that would definitely solve your color problems.

My Notting Hill said...

Looks great. Love the bar you have set-up. Just noticed Star commented on what I was going to mention - seeing your room put together now I think your colorful fabric would be great.

Jennifer said...

Amy -- good to know!

Kristin -- links are great, thanks!

Ben -- thanks for stopping by!

Thanks, Megan! and the bathroom ... we're getting close! I can barely stand it anymore.

Star and MNH -- I don't love it with the curtains, but there is no telling what I'll want tomorrow (isn't this just SO riveting?!)

Anonymous said...

The change makes a big difference! Looks much lighter, and it does look better (and the before was pretty good).