Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 461s family members

Our adopting Maddie in March set off a trend in our my family, as both of Jennifer's sisters adopted puppies over the summer (don't hate us because we haven't posted their little mugs yet). They were planning to get one puppy this fall when they moved into a house together in Auburn, but as we found out with Maddie, when the right pup (or pups) come along (and need rescuing!), you can't say no.

You see, we love dogs (well, all animals) in our family. Jennifer's dad is a veterinarian, and her mom is a lifetime member of the ASPCA. It runs in their blood or something!

Meet Maddie's first cousin, Tullie! Whom the baby sis brought home from the animal shelter near the family lake house. She came with a few "ailments" (drainage tube in the hindquarters, mangy ears, fleas, etc.) But she is all better now and has become the happiest pup in the history of puppies! We think she's probably a Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever mix. Her and Maddie are the best of friends.

Middle sis Allie fell in love with this little polar bear after a friend rescued her from some destructive owners. Her name is Finley, and we thought she was a Great Pyrenees, but as she's grown we've become less and less sure of the original assessment. She's bigger than both of her cousins, but not to the extent we had first imagined. She looks like a little white teddy bear and has a really funny little personality. The hot Alabama summer was a bit much for her thick coat, so she would cool off by standing in her water bucket (and dunking her face in it, as you can see here). She's very protective of Tullie and doesn't get along with Maddie 100% of the time, but hey, neither do we. (She chewed up one of Jennifer's shoes yesterday and has gotten out of the invisible fence multiple times in the last two weeks.) We'll be sure and throw in some updated pictures every once in awhile.


Anonymous said...

Ohh!!! The girls have grown up so fast!! Thanks for debuting the pups. =) Tullie sends her love to Maddie, and Finley has chosen to forget about her.

Katie said...

they are sooo cute! almost makes me wanna go get a puppy of my own...but then I remember that I wanna be the favorite parent and I won't be home enough to love the pup to'll end up loving my hubbie more :)