Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day 466's favorite color

Photo by Jason Bernhaut for Domino

I've never been one to shy away from purple, but lately I am positively loving all things plum. Something about it seems just right for this time of the year.

Those chairs look just perfect for napping! And here the color almost functions as a dark neutral, but is more interesting and unexpected than brown.

Southern Accents named it the Color You Need Now in the November-December 2007 issue. "The color works well in moderate doses, such as a sofa upholstered in plum silk velvet or on throw pillows ... In velvet it feels regal; in wool or linen it becomes more relaxed," says Molly Pastor.

That's not to say that I'll be swapping our brown velvet sofa for a purple one, but it works for Ruthie Sommers! PS -- I have a major crush on that secretary. And Ruthie Sommers, for that matter.

Speaking of throw pillows, this pretty Duralee fabric has just the right amount of plum. I'd make a long rectangular pillow out of it and swap it out between our sofa and our bed.


Unknown said...

i really really really love that purple with the white. purple is so hot right now!

Tamara Jansen said...

Bold and Beautiful. I love it :)

Cowesett Construction Company said...

Oh I love the purple! They say you should paint your dining room a color that provokes the senses! Making you crave food! Purple certainly does that for me!! Love it with the white or even adding in a little black!!

Katie said...

oh I can only dream that I would be so daring! purple is fantastic...I would totally pair it with gray for a dining room with classic white and platinum dishes...ooohh.

Amy said...

that fabric is so yummy!

megan @ a life's design said...

plum is so yummy.