Monday, October 13, 2008

Day 471

It's been a year since my mom moved from our farm (not the one you're seeing above!) in Tennessee to Birmingham, and though I am very, very glad to have her here, we all miss the farm. After ten years, Tennessee really stole a piece of my heart, and I'm always happy to be back in the rolling hills -- especially this time of year.

I was getting a little nostalgic about my "home state" this morning, which made it even more sweet -- and ironic -- that I ran across these amazing images of Blackberry Farm on a blog I hadn't visited before called Granny Smith Green. She visited this summer and came back with hundreds of photos; I'm going to share some of the new farmhouse on the property (which is the one you see above).

But first, a little background, courtesy of Traditional Home: "Blackberry Farm is a 4,200-acre working farm in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, near Walland, Tennessee. Kreis and Sandy Beall bought the property in 1976 and over the years have turned it into an expanse of guest rooms and cottages that has been named one of the best small hotels in America.

Today their son Sam runs the property, although Kreis still directs the design of all the guest rooms, often with the help of Atlanta designer Suzanne Kasler. She strives to make each room unique, "because I'd never design two rooms the same in my own home," she says.

In addition to its beautiful setting, Blackberry Farm is known for its outstanding food. Much credit for this goes to Sam, who attended culinary school and also worked in the hotel, restaurant, and wine business in California."

The farmhouse living room, loaded with linen and a relaxing palette.

Here is the same room, as it appeared in Traditional Home. You can see the colors better here, but I think I prefer the more sparse, less styled version seen above -- though this looks very Suzanne Kasler.

Pretty console table in the living room. All of window treatments are linen panels or generous roman shades -- love! I also really adore how much more like a home than a hotel it feels. When can I move in?!

The dining room, which again, feels like a home. Upon arrival, guests find fresh-baked cookies and a stocked pantry and refrigerator.

This is one of the guest rooms. The farmhouse walls are clad in wonderful wood paneling, painted bright green in this room. All of the furnishings are unique, too. Here, I love the upholstered headboard with nailheads and the painted chest.

The bathrooms, oh my! This one, if I saved these photos correctly, belongs with the green guest room above. The wood panels are horizontal, which I love, and there is as much marble and subway tile as your little heart could desire!

I know I have expressed my distaste for vessel sinks before, but these are done really tastefully, and still seem traditional and appropriate. I really love this vanity ... wonder if Wes could build it ...?

Another pretty guest room, this time with a really unique bed placed in front of a set of bookshelves.

In the same room, a lovely fireplace with a very cool piece of furniture next to it.

This double vanity is really up my alley! Undermount sinks are a quick way to my heart, and those sconces are very cool.

Beautiful shower with amazing vintage-style fixtures. Through the little double doors you can see the bedroom. This is also a good view of the beautiful pine floors that are present throughout the house. Perhaps it's best that I haven't visted, as I might have to be removed from the property by force when my reservation is up.

This is master bedroom, and my personal favorite. The goose down pillows wear the Blackberry Farm monogram in all of the rooms, but here it makes a graphic statement. The wood paneling looks spectacular painted a rich brown, and those painted end tables are gorgeous!

This room is just too, too pretty, but not at all in an unattainable way. The formula is pretty simple: White bed linens, one strong accent color (we've seen chocolate brown, bright green and bold orange), simple window treatments in a luxurious fabric, a beautiful pair of lamps, pared down accessories, and at least one great piece of art.

This also my favorite bathroom. The mirrors mounted in front of the window are so great -- especially if you have the rolling hills of Tennessee to look at while you get ready each morning (what? I already said I was feeling nostalgic today!).

This tub is beyond description. Perfect, just perfect. While I can ooh and ahh at the beaded board and fabulous fixture, Wes can watch football on the wall-mounted flat screen TV (one of nine in the house) and we'll both be the happiest of campers.

Thank you for sharing, Granny Smith Green!

PS -- one of my favorite photographers, Bryan Johnson, shot a wedding at Blackberry Farm in May. You can find his drool-inducing photos of the farm and the event here.


Double L said...

Hi! I'm usually a lurker, (sorry!), but saw your B'berry Farm post and HAD to comment. (btw: love your blog!) I am from Tennessee (but live in PA) and I know what you mean about missing Tennessee. And there's nothing like pictures of Blackberry Farm to make me miss my home state even more!!! My mom threw a surprise birthday for my Dad at Blackberry a few years back. I had no idea what we were in for. It is truly HEAVEN ON EARTH. I will never, ever forget it. And I will be dreaming about it until I can go back someday. Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

I saw this post over at Granny Smith and was totally enamored... it is perfection. I called my dad (he and my mom have been) and wanted to hear more. Hoping some day we'll be able to afford a weekend there! Until then I'll just keep coming back to these blog posts!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

i'm drooling!!! everything is so gorgeous!!!

GrannySmithGreen said...

So glad you enjoyed seeing the pictures of my trip to Blackberry Farm. I enjoyed it more than you can imagine! It was a wonderful, restful, marvelous retreat!

I appreciate your linking my blog as well. I do hope to post more pictures from the trip very soon. I've had a request to show the kitchen. That may be next!

Hope to see you on my blog again soon!

Candace said...

I have to agree about the love for Tennessee - I miss it all the time. Beautiful house for a beautiful state too.

Hope all is well!

Unknown said...

I went to school in TN at Vanderbilt!! I totally know where you are coming from. Thanks for posting this, I love the dining room table with white chairs.

megan @ a life's design said...

oh, so very lovely! I want to go.
great post!

MommyGirl said...

The girls recently had their pics made outdoors on some land not far from your old house. I will pass them on when I get the proofs. It made me wish that we lived north of the state line too.
You remind me so much of my best friend Anna. She lives in Ft. Worth ,TX and is an interior decorator. I love all that pretty stuff, but my house is a mess and my money goes to the kiddos!!

K said...

Oh dear, this farm is just too pretty. I had a weak-in-the-knees moment! How lovely! And all of that gorgeous land...enough to make me daydream for way longer than I should. Thanks!


ellen said...

Blackberry Farm is ridic. I stumbled across it a few years ago when looking for a place to stay near the Smoky Mountains. I have made my husband promise to take me there one day. One day whe we have gobs of money ;o)

cotedetexas said...

I have wanted to go for so long. Those bathrooms are to die for!!!! seriously - beautiful. and that dark bedroom with the monogram pillows. love this!

Sarah Ring said...

What a dreamy estate! Hope you get to visit soon!

The Marden Family said...

I am usually a lurker but had to say thanks for sharing these gorgeous pics...I am currently pregnant and now have my heart set on going to the farm for our babymoon!

No.35style said...

LOOVVEE those bathrooms!

The Runyans said...

i did a google search for painted vanity, and this popped up! i'm from knoxville. . ..

love these pictures you posted! we are building, and i'm trying to gain as much info and pictures as to what i want!

have a blessed day!