Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 696's fun

We had a ... well, a pretty rainy weekend. It's been a very rainy month, actually. I did manage to squeeze out a few dry moments on Saturday morning for a favorite summertime activity: walking through the Pepper Place Saturday Market. Farmers and craftspeople bring their goods from the surrounding counties every Saturday from May until October.

I recently read Frank Stitt's Southern Table, which inspired me to make more of an effort to cook with not only with fresh ingredients, but locally-grown ingredients. It's a slow process, for sure, and is much, much easier during the summer.

Side note: Don't you just love this guy? Exactly what you think a farmer in rural Alabama should look like, isn't? He's actually part of Jones Valley Urban Farm, right in the middle of Birmingham.

Mmmmm Chilton County peaches. Just a hint of that sweet smell and I am instantly transported back to childhood, and mandatory stops for peaches and ice cream on the way to the Gulf Coast beaches.

I'm not much for beets, but they are pretty. I did pick up some fresh goat cheese, new potatoes, and the most delicious pepper marmalade (made right here, in Homewood) you'll ever have!

Since we were stuck indoors, we managed to get a few things done around the house. I'll be back to share our projects (which of course, led to other projects) soon.


abigail said...

peaches! I can't wait until peaches are in season up here too!
lovely photos.

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

Love the Pepperplace Market. Will have to be on the lookout for you on Saturday mornings!

megan @ a life's design said...

we always stopped for peaches on the way to the beach as well; great memories! we were at the lake all weekend and it rained 90% of the time. we made the most of it though. we hadn't played in the rain in a long time. :)