Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 895's pretty

This is the next-to-last weekend before Christmas -- can you believe it?! I can't. I'll be spending it getting the last of my shopping done (I hope) and getting the house ready for some fun visitors next week. How about you?

Happy Weekend!


vanessa said...

good luck shopping! love that your house made the pretties.

Hello Lover... said...

I, too, will hopefully be finishing up my Christmas shopping. And as pathetic as it is to admit hopefully decorating our tree which is yet to have a single light/ornament despite the fact it's been in our living room for a week! Time is just flying by this season! Good luck finishing up your shopping!

Julie said...

Very nice! Is that a coffee table in the lower right, or another chair? I love the fabrics on your pillows and chair.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Julie! It's a bench that we use as a coffee table/foot prop.

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

Jennifer- your house looks great! I'm trying to get my Christmas cards addressed this weekend so I can mail them on Monday. And right now I am trying to motivate myself to clean and do laundry and it's not working!

Kelly Robson said...

Oh, I wish I had my shopping done!!! It's getting down to the wire, isn't it? Better get out tonight and do some shopping, huh?

Love your living room, btw. :)

erika said...

I came to comment on your beautiful Christmas tree, wreath, garlands and Christmas peacock... but the post is gone! ;(
Your house is so beautiful and serene!!! Merry Merry!!

Cassie said...

Good luck with the shopping, I have it on my list for next Friday and am already dreading it!
Have a fantastic organising weekend xx

prashant said...

I love the fabrics on your pillows and chair.

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kanishk said...

I love the fabrics on your pillows and chair.

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