Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 901: easy Christmas wreath ideas

I'm kind of plain-Jane when it comes to Christmas decorations, but I know that my personal style doesn't float everyone's boat. Here are a couple of ideas for jazzing up my favorite Christmas decoration: a real evergreen wreath.

My wreath is hanging by just one ribbon, but I love this (from Cottage Living). I also really, really love wreaths hanging indoors. They're a great way to lend some Christmas-ness to the rest of your house. They also take up much less space (and cash) than adding another tree. Try hanging one over a window or a mirror.

This is just too pretty. I don't think my Frasier Fir wreaths would quite work -- they wouldn't hang as nicely -- so look for a cyprus version. This is lovely under a chandelier, especially for a festive dinner or party.

If you're looking for a great double-faced satin ribbon like this, I love Midori. It is on the pricier side (pricier than what you can find at craft stores), but I think it's worth it for the color and width selection. I give mine a quick iron every year and it looks as good as new. Locally, I buy it at Smith's Variety.

I love the idea of adding whatever you can find in your yard to a plain wreath. Holly is widely available this time of year and is especially festive. A sprinkling of fake snow is fun, too.

This plain Juniper wreath wrapped in a string of wood beads has some country charm. If you can spare a string of garland from your tree, this is a nice way to tie the two together.

This photo has made its way around, but I couldn't leave it out. If one wreath is nice, three is certainly better! I have noticed that the smaller sizes of wreaths seem to go more quickly, so if you want to do this next year, act fast!

By the way, I noticed this year that Lowe's and Home Depot sell live wreaths and garland in addition to Christmas trees (that may not be news to you!). In Birmingham, the local garden shops are a good source as well (try one of the Leaf 'n' Petal locations). Of course, you can easily make your own with scraps from tree. This year, I hit up Lowe's twice.

If you like some sparkle, why not layer an ornament wreath over your evergreen wreath?

Remember how I wanted to use my bells on my wreath? Well, the ones I had were a bit too large, so I put them on the tree instead. But then, I happened upon a few smaller ones while shopping at Leaf 'n' Petal for a gift.

I untied the knots and used the rope to tie them to the wreath form -- pretty simple! For once I managed to create what I saw in my head. By the way, I'm a little sad to say that my supposedly-unique bells (which came from here) are now available at Pottery Barn where they are billed as -- of all things -- cowbells!


Amy said...

i was just in smith's last week for the first time (buying ribbon!)...that place is insane!

megan @ a life's design said...

I really like the second image with the double wreaths turned on their side. And I like the triple wreath on the blue door.

Lauren said...

your door looks straighr out of a magazine jennifer!!!! love the wreath & garland!!!

we do this a lot, don't we??? great minds ;) ;) hahah


Jess said...

Your door looks fabulous!

Town and Country House said...

Great blog, but I couldn't find the follow button! I'll try again. Thanks for you kind words about my home tour! Enjoy this holy season!

Haven and Home said...

I love plain jane!!!!

SM said...

Glad you found more bells :)

Unknown said...

Your door looks so beautiful! Enjoy your evening of fun and Christmas festivities-it sounds like it should be a wonderful time.

PS-I did a door like the trio of wreaths this year. It came out beautifully (even with two as opposed to three). You should stop by to check it out.

Happy Holiday weekend!

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

Love Midori ribbon.

I have a boxwood wreath on my front door from Leaf and Petal and love it. I may make a magnolia wreath this weekend to hang inside my house above my sofa on the antique ceiling tile.

Love your style!

Ida said...

These are beautiful. Great ideas for dressing up wreaths!

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

all great ideas. the second one is my fav!


Courtney said...

Great roundup but I love the way the first wreath is hung! How darling and festive!!

Pink Wallpaper said...

those are so cute...wish i had the energy to do something fun!! hope you have a very merry christmas jennifer!

No.35style said...

your door looks great!

Anonymous said...

these are gorgeous!

house for sale Philippines said...

Love the third photo fit for my front door as a Christmas holiday decor.

Deirdre G

Leasa said...

I love Smiths Variety. Sometimes I wish I still lived in the Birmingham area just to shop there again. I love your door by the way.

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