Monday, February 11, 2008

Day 225's first look

Wes and I took at little mid-week field trip to Lowe's last week to check out the goods and start formulating a reasonable budget for our upcoming bath remodel.

Here's what we're workin' with:

A teeny-tiny master bath with a leaky shower stall, a drab little sink console and a peach/pink toilet. The floors and shower are tiled in funky yellow and brown. I'm pretty sure that Wes assumed something original could stay -- the lighting or the mirror, for example (both are slightly less than attractive, BTW), but as my mom and I found out when we did her bathroom, as soon as the paint is dry, everything else must be shiny and new as well or it just won't work (right, Mom?).

All-white baths (and kitchens, for that matter) are just so appealing! Wes seems to have gotten on board with my plan, even though he usually thinks my color choices are pretty boring (thanks for humoring me, dear). Luckily, amid the palm frond-shaped ceiling fan blades and typical suburban kitchen cabinet mecca, Lowe's had some nice things. And we think me may actually manage to maintain our budget, most importantly.

First up, love a pretty pedestal sink. And holy crap, this one is just $88.

With a pedestal sink, storage space is at a premium. While I'd love to have something like this beauty, it's just not practical enough. This handsome cabinet looks just like the popular Urban Archaeology one, but without the $1000 price tag. It checks in at $98.

Next to the sink, this cute little guy. I have no idea why some manufacturers make toilets that look like spaceships, but thankfully, there are some on the market like this. For a mere $180, he can be yours today.

For the shower and bathroom floor, love simple little tile like this. Timeless. Perfect. Yea. We're looking a lot like that picture up there, aren't we?!

I'm not sure I can take white walls with all of this, so let's talk paint color. I'm a little obsessed (okay, a lot) with antique nest and egg prints. I've got one from this series, and it's basically the color palette in our bedroom. Our towels are a frenchy-powdery blue and taupe, respectively. Thoughts?


Lindsay said...

Is this "the guest"/my bathroom? If so, I like it. You know I like all white.

Jennifer said...

nope, sorry, this is the master. but the guest/yours will follow suit as soon as the finances allow!

Anonymous said...

Something original will stay. Even if it's just that little bowl with round balls on top of the toilet or the marble threshold.

Anonymous said...

White is very pretty and appealing, but remember the "white" tile in your bathroom at the farmhouse? It takes alot of work to keep it looking sparkling and white.

Anonymous said...

Listen to your mom. You talk about not wanting white countertops because of the dirt, and you don't want ceramic tile countertops because of the dirt in the grout, but you want the dirtiest room in the house to be all white? The pictures you post are all great and pretty and wonderful, but real life is not the same as those pictures. You'd have to clean for 3 hours a would you get in your 10 hours of sleep?

Jennifer said...

well the floor is yellow and brown now, and it looks dirtier than our white tile ever did!

Confessions said...

i love the all white (although, your mom is right- in our white tile shower stall, it doesn't matter how much i scrub, they won't keep clean). and how is it possible that you, too, are obsessed with bird eggs and nest prints? i am beyond crazy about trying to purchase just the right ones. glad to know i'm not alone. matt even saves me the bird eggs he finds in the spring time- i have a collection of about a dozen robin eggs that he's found in the grass. if you're looking for a collection, check the dandelion in the spring...apparently she's getting some framed prints in. :)

Lindsay said...

I like that the previous owners took a cabinet doorknob as a keepsake. Must've had some real fun times in that bathroom.