Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day 283

You've probably noticed that it's Bathroom Month here at the Newlywed house. As our bathroom begins to take shape, let's have a look at the bathrooms in a lovely old limestone in Brooklyn, home of my new favorite blog (ahem, obession).

I really don't have much to say about these pictures (they speak for themselves), except that, budget notwithstanding, these are my dream bathrooms. Have a look:

Parlor bath, before (did you see the first Saw movie? I'm pretty sure it was filmed in this very bathroom. Oh.My.Gawsh.).

And after. Cararra marble hexagon and subway tiles + vintage fixtures = me drooling.

Upstairs bath, before. Kind of makes our yellow and brown bath look much less scary, doesn't it?!

And after -- oh so pretty!


Kasey said...

I love your blog! My husband and I sold our home last week and you give me such inspiration to buy a fixer-upper.

Anonymous said...
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Mrs. Limestone said...

I must have totally missed this post. Thanks for the shout :)

cotedetexas said...

wow - these are wonderful!!! but I'm confused about the tub- the clawfoot moved upstairs?????
congrats on the Wash Post!!!


Jennifer said...

yes, they moved the tub. gorgeous, aren't they?!

thank you, Joni and Kasey.

and it's our pleasure, Mrs. Limestone.