Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day 284's ideas

No updates on the bathroom to report, but it is beginning to come together in my head! Our vanity is similar to this one, but without the drawers on the side. The counter top is white "cultured" marble, and we got a deal at a local discount warehouse on a great-looking faucet kind of like this one. Above the sink will be my favorite mirror, and above that, this light fixture.

Underfoot, white 1-inch hexagon ceramic tile (special ordered from Lowe's), and 4-inch square tiles (from Home Depot) will go in the shower stall. I've been dying for this rug for months, so maybe I can talk Wes into it. I know that as soon as he sees it in person, he'll know why it is leaps and bounds above the three cheap little rugs we currently use in the bathroom.

I don't think I can express my excitement about this new bathroom! As soon as it is finished, I'm closing the door to the "blue bathroom" (so named for it's bright blue toilet, counter top and tub) and forgetting that it even exists! So if you come over, don't feel a bit shy about marching right past the hall bath and into our bedroom to use this shiny, pretty new one (or to just admire it!).


Lindsay said...

Uhhh I don't see a potty on this idea board and I know the old peach and pink one is coming out, so.... I'm just saying.

Confessions said...

oh, you will LOVE the rug! I have the same one in my kitchen, at the sink. It is WELL worth the price! :)

Jennifer said...

LJ, you know we love that peach/pink toilet!