Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day 306's project

I really enjoyed hearing about your fantasy kitchens, so let's expand the fun to other rooms, shall we? To get us started, my fantasy dining room:

Let's start with a big, slightly crusty table.

How much do I love these chairs? Mmmm let me count the ways ...

Above the table, this gorgeous lantern.

I didn't choose a serving piece, but I know I want this mirror to hang above it.

Then we'll add one of these on each side.

Yummy gray-green on the walls.

White chenille under a dining table is probably a terrible idea, but ...

What would you put in a dining room?


Amanda said...

I love that table too! Hubby and I are tossing around the idea of making a farmhouse table ourselves. Well...Taylor building it more than me :) You can by different types of legs off line and then order any type of wood to build the top. Exotic woods, basic hardwoods you name it. It is pretty reasonable too. I think it would be so special to raise a family around a table that Taylor built. Just a thought. Like we need more projects!
Also, the kitchen rug is D&A plain tin. I do love it and it is very durable. I would recommend definitely. However, I am on the look out for a stain repellent spray to treat it with. I cringe every time we spill anything on it. The kitchen is a tough place for a rug. And as you know, it is a little costly. But it is beautiful and would look so good in your bathroom!
Sorry for the longest comment post ever.

Anonymous said...

I'd put all of that in a dining room - then add all my favorite bloggers and a little champagne! It'd be a delightful place to entertain!

Star said...

My dream dining room would have a huge roast turkey with new potatoes, asparagus, and fresh corn, homemade red velvet cake, and an ice cold glass of sweet tea.

megan @ a life's design said...

My first dream would be to have a dining room. :)
I love your selection!

Marie Louise said...

Although I love your dining room design - I lean toward more color. I love to mix and match plates and silverware - with lots of color everywhere you can get away with that. Love your puppy btw!

cotedetexas said...

Very cute post!!! I love your ideas for the dining room.

Thanks for your comment, too!!

paula said...

i am swooning! one day i will get a grown up table, but only when my kiddos are out of the destroying the table stage.