Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 333's eye candy

Since our own garden is non-existent at this point, lately I've been admiring container gardens. They're a great option for space-challenged or concrete-bound gardeners.

I found these two among rows of annuals and perennials at Andy's Garden Center, and they are so full and lucious I couldn't even begin to list their contents!

These two are outside Tria Market in Homewood. I love the square planter, and the beautiful sweet potato vine spilling over the sides.

This huge galvanized trough is one of two that flank the entrance to Beach Dwelling. Their story is all about texture.

Too bad my own venture into container gardening was thwarted!


Anonymous said...

that last is a container after my own heart!!!! Mine are similar... but might need a little Miracle Grow to get that big.
You have MADE MY DAY!!

sweetlifeinthevalley said...

I love the trough containers! So many uses other than feeding animals. Container gardening is my favorite since I have never really had a lot space for an in ground garden.