Monday, May 12, 2008

Day 317's weekend progress

Our curtains are finally here! And finally on the windows! As you may recall, my mom gave them to me for my birthday (in FEBRUARY) and promised to hem them. She eventually handed them off and they were finished last week. Wes and I hung them Saturday night just in time for his parents to come on Sunday for Mother's Day.

I must say that the curtains make the room look so "finished," even in the unfinished state that it is (did you see the chairs?!). Here are some shots of the rest of the room:

The sofa sits across from the windows. We've got some architectural prints we'd like to hang here, but I haven't come up with a reasonably-priced framing situation for them.

And here's our lovely television hutch from, of all places, Wal-Mart. What can we say? We spent the big bucks on the 42-inch plasma-screen Panasonic Viera! I actually kind of like the shape of it, but realize that the finish is kind of awful. We bought with the intention of painting it or something, but haven't got around to it (partly because I can't decide what to do to it, surprised?).

Eventually we'll want to paint the walls, but I'm currently at a loss about the color. Dove gray, maybe? Suggestions are welcome!


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful television. And is that all 7 seasons of West Wing on DVD in the lower right? Why yes, I beleive it is. Your husband must be awesome to have such fine taste. The living room would be even cooler if you let him drill some holes in the walls to install the surround sound.

erika said...

grant beige or tapestry beige! looks great!

pve design said...

Love dove gray for the walls and for the unit, what about white or a deep dark rich licorice! High gloss would be nice in either and that is easy to clean.
Just sand before you paint. Black would sort of hide the fact that there is a really big tv there!

Laura said...

So cute jen! I love y'alls place and your blog!