Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 395's purchase

Well, we finally did it. Alllll summer long we've been admiring outdoor grills and dreaming of all of the delicious things we could make if only we had a grill. Wes did some research last week, and made the big purchase while I was away with my sisters over the weekend. We christened it last night -- after I spent $100 at the grocery store buying anything and everything I imagined we could throw on that bad boy.

Our first meal was a simple (but delicious!) one of grilled marinated chicken, sweet corn on the cob and a very easy tomato-mozzarella salad I found here. How did we ever live without it?!


megan @ a life's design said...

congrats! we love to grill out as well; it makes everything taste better. i love the 'house of Bonds' plaque! where from?

Unknown said...

Good looking grill! Be careful about putting it too close to the house.

Christi said...

so glad you tried the salad...isn't it yummy and super easy? i make it at least a few times per week...it's one of our favorites. oh and if you make too much, save for lunch the next day. it's amazing on whole wheat pita or this amazing whole wheat bread i make (i'll post on the homemade bread this week).

nice grill, btw...can't.live.without

Jennifer said...

megan -- funny story, the plaque came in the mail around our anniversary sans a return address. it took a few days, but we finally tracked down the gift giver: our wonderful friend Kendall!

austin -- a legitimate concern after what ya'll did to the siding on the Yellow House. we'll keep an eye on it!

rauths -- that salad is my new favorite! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wes... I purchased something while on the road (something small that made me think of you). Send me your address via Facebook and I'll get it to you in the mail.

Nice grill, by the way!

"ya grill, ya grill, ya, ya, ya grill"

- Nelly