Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day 396's question

The Inspired Room recently posted images of a beautiful bathroom in the home of a blogging friend. What really stood out to me, is an old buffet that she painted and fitted with a counter top and uses as a vanity.

I remember when I friend's mom did this when I was in high school, and I thought it was such a great idea. Lately, so many bad versions have been appearing that I'd almost written the idea off as totally cheesy, but I think Meg and her beautiful vanity have restored my faith.

Here's the buffet before:

And here it is painted white and installed in the bathroom:

Photos above by Meg Duerksen

I also really love this green side board that was photographed in Pieces, Inc. owner Lee Kleinhelter's house.

Photo by Tim Street-Porter for Cottage Living

I saw a sideboard that looked remarkably similar to this one for $300 in an antique store. I could kick myself for not grabbing it up!

Photo from Pieces via Style Court

We've painted several pieces of furniture in our house, but it still makes me nervous. I always like the way it turns out, but I am usually fearful that I won't. What do you think? Could you bear to paint and permanently alter a piece that you loved?


bryn alexandra said...

I remember seeing that green console in Cottage Living a while ago - Was it the April issue? And I fell in love - I actually googled it and found some similar. When I have the money to blow on an antique, that is the first I will purchase!

Anonymous said...

#1) That bathroom is incredible.
#2) I just stumbled onto your blog and I think it's adorable. I live in Birmingham, too :) I'll definitely check back in to see the progress on your house. Good luck!

Elisa said...

Looking through all of your home updates - so fun! Any recommendations for good place to find specifics on painting furniture?