Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 430

We are (reluctantly) back from our little vacation in the lowcountry of Georgia and South Carolina. Oh, and it was so lovely.

We stayed in a massive house on Hilton Head Island and shopped and golfed and visited the beach there. I didn't take any pictures, but for a girl who is accustomed to the white sand and crystal-clear water of the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic was very, um, brown. But, a beach is a beach, so no complaints here!

On Sunday, we drove an hour down to Savannah, Georgia. It is a lovely, charming little city filled with beautiful streets, parks, shops and homes. I realized how lucky we are to have a wonderful group of friends who enjoy the same things we do: walking around taking pictures of fountains and stopping to read every historical marker we came across.

On a complete whim, we decided to go a little out of the way on Monday and visit Beaufort, South Carolina (pronounced "Bew-fort") on the way home, and we are so glad we did! It is such a sweet little water-front town (with only about 14,000 people in it) and we all decided we could live happily ever after there. I fell completely in love with the lowcountry on our Charleston honeymoon, but now I think I can be upgraded to full-blown obsession.

Stay tuned this week for more on our lowcountry adventures -- including some mouth-watering shopping!


leah @maritalbless said...

I think you take the prize of all the Labor Day festivities I've seen! Gorgeous!

Amy said...

sounds so great. i fantasize about moving to charleston and setting up in the historic district. pesky budget gets in the way.

Pink Wallpaper said...

isn't it wonderful! my parents have a house in beaufort and even though we live in charleston, i think i would love to move there. its the small town feel but w/ the same look of c'town.

Kristy said...

Glad you enjoyed our little town. We moved to Savannah 2 years ago, and I find gorgeous new nooks and crannies every day!

Anonymous said...

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