Friday, September 5, 2008

Day 433's much-needed pretty

WOW, what a week. Doesn't it always seem like the week after a vacation is completely nuts?! The same day as The Chair Incident, our cat was bitten by a snake! In our backyard! He's doing just fine, thankfully, but it was quite scary and makes me a bit nervous about Maddie being back there, too. We're hoping to be able to clean it up some this fall, but these vet bills (this was his second stay at the emergency care clinic this summer) are cutting into our backyard budget in a big way.

In other news, I was on a photo shoot yesterday at an absolutely gorgeous house here in Birmingham. I really loved the trestle table full of books and the over-sized lamps in the top photo.

The amazing part is that the family has three young children and two active dogs. If they can have a home this pretty, anyone can!


Anonymous said...

What a great house - where is it in Birmingham?

Amanda said...

Love the house pictures! I'm still on the lookout for over sized lamps for my buffet. If only H'ville had a Home Goods! Poor kitty...glad he is ok.

Katie said...

oooh - i love the giant ottoman :)

good share!

My Notting Hill said...

Great house - so curious about the ceiling light fixture in the living room. Is it black glass?

No.35style said...

I like the whole arrangement of that top picture.

megan @ a life's design said...

You did have a busy week. I completely understand! Last week when we got home, nothing went right! It was crazy; and I still feel behind.

Pretty home. I love the lamp bases.

Jennifer said...

thanks for all of the comments!

Lelia -- the home is in Mountain Brook.

My Notting Hill -- I'm not sure if this is the exact chandelier, but it's very similar:!stmenu_template.main?

The kids' rooms upstairs all had the white version and looked so great!

My Notting Hill said...

Thanks! - I'll go check it out. Michele