Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 447's pretty

Finally, the low country pictures. First up, Savannah, Georgia.

Reading historical markers in Savannah.

First of many "haint blue" sightings. You know I loved that.

Peering at the gracious architecture through the branches of beautiful live oak trees.

Lovely hydrangea with pink, purple and blue flowers. Mmmm love the spanish moss, too. What a romantic fungus!

Alle of oaks framing the fountain in the famous park (which I cannot remember the name of!)

Just cannot get enough of these gorgeous trees.

The engineers of the group (Wes and Ben) got a big kick out of this beast, as seen from River Street. And now onto Beaufort, South Carolina.

Charming river-front park (which is actually intercoastal waterway-front, but whatev) just block off the main drag in Beaufort. This whole little leg of the trip was such an accident. We literally pulled out of the house in Hilton Head and instead of turning right to go home, we turned left. Those kinds of detours always make the trip!

After exploring the business district, we headed on foot through the adjoining neighborhoods, oohing and ahhing and snapping pictures and trying to figure out how to uproot our lives and move there.

"Hey look, that one's for sale! If we all six pitch in we could totally afford it, and it's got more square footage than all of our places combined, anyway!" We even picked up a couple of recent issues of Homes and Land: Beaufort. You're just not thinking clearly when surrounded by so much beauty ...

Wait for it ...

... needed a wide-angle lens to get all of this guy in one frame!

When we live here, you're all invited to come visit! It will be so lovely!

Happy Weekend!


Amanda said...

Wow gorgeous pictures. Looks like you had a great trip!

Kristy said...

The park is Forsyth Park, and it is stunning! We had our 1-year anniversary photos taken there-- love it!

Anonymous said...

Aww someone beat me to it, that is Forsyth Park. I'm getting married there in a couple weeks!

No.35style said...!!!

cotedetexas said...

gorgeous pictures - just gorgeous = I want to move there, today! love it - soooo southern!

thanks for your comment too = so very very much!


Courtney said...

These photos are so very beautiful. Nothing like the look - and homey feel - of a Southern home. No matter how big they are, they feel so cozy!

Madeline said...

How funny! I found your blog on Google reader and see you visited Savannah! When I saw you didn't know the name of Forsyth Park, I was going to leave a comment, and then I see my friend found your blog too!!
Love your blog by the way...
Oh...and I was married at Forsyth :)