Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day 465's update

As predicted, I've already been changing and updating my fall decorations -- and they've only been up a week! I got to bring home some perishable items (that couldn't live in the prop closet long enough to be reused) from a shoot at work, and they really looked great with what I already had going.

I added some seeded eucalyptus to the pitchers, and it's drying a pale purple, which is fun.

I also brought home a small crop of mini white pumpkins, and lined them up on top of our entertainment center (or as I like to call it, my mantle) with more seeded eucalyptus in between.

I love, love bittersweet, and gladly took some off the stylist's hands when she offered! I didn't have quite enough to make a wreath, but I love how organic it looks in my olive oil jug. I think that would be a pretty arrangement for a rustic fall wedding -- too bad we're already married!


Amanda said...

I love the bittersweet arrangement. Its so vibrant and fallish!!! And I need to find some fun pumpkins like yours.

Madeline said...

Love your color scheme with the pumpkins!!!
I heart fall!

Anonymous said...

yep, too bad.

Unknown said...

the bittersweet is beautiful

megan @ a life's design said...

beautiful decor! i love it all!
i wish i had a faux mantle to decorate. :)