Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 641's challenge

Paula at Two Ellie tagged me with the challenge to come up with one image that explains my personal style. I had actually already given it a little thought after Lauren of Pure Style Home did it last week, but it was still surprisingly tough. I went through all of my digital inspiration files, and in the end kept coming back to these two, from the home of designer Morgan Harrison.

Add a little more brown to the mix, and these colors are spot on what you'll find in our house. It's pretty lame, but I was inspired by the colors of some dried hydrangea flowers when I first began choosing things for the house. I love the muted blues and greens and find myself drawn to them over and over and over (to an obsessive point, really).

I love antique furniture and anything with a history, especially when it's used in a fresh, up-to-date way -- like this blue sideboard and the painted chairs. To me, a room can be very stale and predictable unless there is a little history mixed in. That combination of old and new offers personality.

While I am definitely not a modernist, I do tend to be a little spare, preferring solid colors to prints and keeping surfaces (both walls and tables) a little bare. If you have good-looking furniture I don't think it needs to be dressed up with a million accessories.

Now that I'm living with a boy I try to keep a handle on it, but I definitely lean in a feminine, sort of pretty direction. I don't like anything too fussy, but I can't resist a ruffle (there's evidence of that in my wardrobe, too).

What really sealed the deal were those cake stands and pitchers on the shelves. I'll confess to having a slightly obscene number of cake stands, especially for a girl who doesn't bake many cakes! Ceramic or glass, white or blue, I love them all and find them (and pitchers too) pretty hard to resist at antique shops or TJ Maxx.

I think that pretty much covers it. I'm not going to tag anyone, but if you want to join the fun, please do! And then be sure to leave a comment here so I'll know you did.

By the way, I bought the rug! I really appreciate all of the feedback you gave yesterday; Wes was out of town so I needed some shopping validation, you know? I decided to wash all of our bedding at 9pm last night, so when I get it all put back together I'll snap a photo. My bare toes sure appreciated it this morning as I was pacing in front of my closet trying to decide what to wear.


Amanda said...

I love the blue sideboard. We have an old sideboard in your dining area that Taylor painted black for me. It was an easy no brainer color. But, I now regret not painting it a color like a muted bluish gray. Maybe I'll eventually re-do it.
Glad you bought the rug! Can't wait to see pics.

Lauren said...

SO glas the rug worked for you!!! Can't wait to see pics!!

LOVE these images you selected. Just beautiful & I don't it's lame at all the you used dried hydrangeas for inspiration- I think it's perfect! The muted blues & green are so pretty & subdued & very you. I also totally agree about suraces being more spare... great style & great photos!!!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

From reading your blog I think those pictures sum you up perfectly! I love the colors you selected for your home and I'm super happy you got the rug! I'm jealous. I need something for my bedroom as well, but I haven't found it yet.

paula said...

great picks! that kitchen really is so stunning.

simply seleta said...

OOooh, love your pic. This has been a fun thing to watch on others' blogs!

You have a great eye for beauty.

megan @ a life's design said...

Spot on! I love your picks and totally see you in them. Can't wait to see the rug at its new home.

Haven and Home said...

Love this room! It was great meeting you last night. I hope we can get together again soon!

Paula Asple said...

Have just come across your blog via Paula of Two Ellie fame. Love the images you have chosen here, your style is very similar to mine! Hydrangea always provide me with inspiration, I used them for our wedding even though they were out of season! I love the rug you bought too by the way!