Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 670: more on Chattanooga

Wes must really love me, because he lets me drag him all over most of the towns we visit to scope out the local decorating/antiques scene. Sometimes, he enjoys himself as much as I do, which was the case at Architectural Exchange.

It's essentially a salvage shop, full of goodies from old homes and buildings just waiting for some love and refinishing and a new lease on life. Check it out:

While we were looking for Architectural Exchange, we accidentally found Dwelling, a brand-new consignment shop for the home.

It had only been open for three days when we visited, so the top level of the restored building that houses the shop was a little bare. There was some great stuff though, and we came home with a couple of framed items that we'll show you soon.

I thought the bathroom vanity was great, and was just begging for an antique venetian mirror above the concrete sink! Dwelling is so new, that I can't find an address for it -- any locals know?
Edit: 3301 Brainerd Rd.

On Sunday (after a delicious brunch at Mercatino) we hit up The Knitting Mill -- all 20,000 square feet of it. Didn't spend any money here, but definitely could have.

You all seem to love Chattanooga, too. What are your can't-miss spots for eating and shopping?


Arlynn said...

I haven't been to Chattanooga is so long, but you're fantastic finds definitely make me want to plan a visit again!

Architectural Exchange looks fantastic, I want to go pick up those ornate column toppers (?) and use them as planters : - )


Jennifer said...

I was thinking the same thing, Arlynn!

Krisan said...

First of all - great decision on hitting up Mercatino. I was introduced to that place last time I visited Chattanooga and it was delicious. I've been to architectural exchange and the knitting mill, too! Great little finds.

I still think my two favorite things about Chattanooga are Clumpie's ice cream downtown and the pedestrian bridge at Christmas. Can't beat it. We are hoping to do the waterfront triathlon there this summer. Glad ya'll had such a great weekend!

Emily Lilley said...

You already know my top spots! I love the Blue Plate diner, which is fabulous and fresh. I also love Boccacia, a new Italian restaurant on the southside with fresh, homemade pastas. La Altena is up there with Mercatino in the list of places I frequent on at least a weekly basis (probably more...)Seems kind of ghetto but the food is fantastic and authentic Mexican. Although it's probably cliche, Greenlife is fun too - especially if you end up there on an evening when they've got a musician playing on the patio and free beer & food samples! There's a restaurant in Brainerd called Ankar's Hoagies, and although there are a few others around town, this is the original and therefore the best. Greek food - delicious, and they also have great burgers. Lookouts games are super fun in the summer - especially if it's fireworks night. This is the longest comment ever so I'll stop!

megan @ a life's design said...

We made it by The Knitting Mill, it was awesome! But it looks like we need to take another trip up to make it to Dwelling and the Architectural Exchange!

Mandy said...

All the places already mentioned are great. There are so many to list: Alleia (awesome Italian-inspired restaurant on Main st), St. Johns Restaurant (, Taco Mamacita is an awesome mexican restaurant (, also Taco Mac is great (, love Good Dog in North Shore cause they keep us vegetarians in mind by having veggie dogs ( Chattanooga also has great boutique shopping like Frankie & Julians, Embellish, N2 Shoes, Backstreet Betty, Cia Bella, Plum Nellys, Sophie's, and the list could go on.

I love living in Chattanooga :)

REVIVAL rodney said...

wow! i am thrilled with everyone's passion for both chattanooga and REVIVAL uncommon goods -- i am the proprietor and welcome all to come visit!

some info regarding above comments:
DWELLING is a new consignment shop opened by a great friend, christi homar:
3301 brainerd road - near mccallie tunnels
WED - SAT 10am-6pm

ST. JOHNS (fine american/french), MEETING PLACE (casual american), and ALLEIA (rustic italian) are all owned by a great friend daniel lindley -- recently nominated for a james beard award! he and wife kathryn are only 31 years old, and love food, friends and life! be sure to check out the setting of the recently opened ALLEIA -- REVIVAL did the interiors!

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