Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 660's country decorating ideas

Over the weekend, my sister and I went to Tennessee to visit our dad and see his latest acquisition, a little yellow cottage in a quiet valley on the banks of the Elk River -- his favorite local fishing and kayaking spot. It's just a couple of miles from his "farm" but unlike the farm, has running hot water and a full kitchen.

The previous owners used the property as a country getaway, so were able to include all of the furnishings in the deal. The house is move-in ready, but some recent updates (Berber carpet and popcorn ceilings) aren't so true to the little yellow house, and it seemed to be crying out to get back to its country cottage roots (boy, do I know the feeling).

If it were my little place, I would: Pull up the carpet. If we had just a few more hours this weekend, I might have pulled up a corner "just to see." We suspect there are hardwoods under there somewhere and if they were in no condition to be lived with, I'd paint 'em!

Then, I'd get rid of the popcorn. Scraping the ceilings doesn't sound like a very fun way to spend a weekend on the river, but wouldn't beaded board look so pretty?

I doubt this will come as a shock, but I think that every little house could benefit from something borrowed, and something blue. In the entire house, I don't think one thing was made before 1985. Old houses just need old furniture -- the scale is so much more suitable. And the next time I head up there, I'll have some "haint blue" paint in tow for the porch ceiling.

Speaking of old furniture, I think the house needs at least one old metal bed, piled high with heavy, old quilts. Nearby Fayetteville has more antique shops than I can manage to hit in one afternoon, so this wouldn't be a problem. Fayetteville also has a killer (and by killer I mean cheap!) fabric store. Huntsville, Alabama residents should not miss out (that's you, Amanda!).

Photos from Country Living


Arlynn said...

What a fun weekend that would be - decoratng the perfect little yellow cottage : )

Amanda said...

Well I have not ventured to Sirs yet. On the list! But I have ordered from them. Found a fabric at King Cotton and ordered it for way cheaper from Sirs. They are fast on delivery too!

MissKarenAshley said...

I adore cozy cottages. Those photos are great.

Miss K

Pink Wallpaper said...

i'd love to decorate a county house! how much need to share pics! love the images you posted too.

Anonymous said...

How fun! I'm with you on the floors and the ceiling. Pull up the rug for a peek next time.

I'm leaning toward painting the kitchen floors, but I'm afraid someone else in the house might have strong objections!

Thanks for the fabric store link - they sell online! Awesome!

Lauren said...

oh so exciting!!! awesome ideas & it sounds like it's going to be so pretty if you get your hands on it!!

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

I hope to have a country or farm house one day! Fun images... love all of them. I have an old iron bed in my guest room and love it. Wish it were a queen so I could use it in my master. BTW, finally making my upholstered headboard this weekend. Found some fabric at King Cotton yesterday (they seemed to have a few new things)!

Unknown said...

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