Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Guest Blogger: Haven & Home

Hi Everyone! I am Marianne from Haven & Home and I am thrilled to be here as a guest blogger for the day. Ever since Jennifer asked me to do this I have been trying to decide what room to share with you. My favorite rooms from my home have already made an appearance on my blog so I thought I would share with you my weekend project-an outside room if you will. So here is the before picture of my porch:Here is the after (so far, I am still working on it) :
We knew that we had to paint the floor at some point, it was in terrible condition. So I scraped/sanded off all the old paint (if I never do that again I will be a happy camper) and painted large stripes in 2 different colors using porch paint. It was a very, very long process but I am so happy now it is finished.
So this is where I need your help! First I want new pillows for the swing and rocking chair. The pillows in the picture are from Target,; love them but they are not outdoor. So I have been looking around and I have seen some things that I like:

It would be nice to find something already made like the ones above (Home Depot and Pottery Barn respectively) but I just don't know.
Of course I would love to make some but summer will be over before I get around to that (or save up my pennies for the fabric). If I were to make them here are some choices:

This first picture is fabric from Donghia that is outdoor, something fun and soft like this is what I would like to use to recover the seat (trust me it needs it). The other 3 fabrics are from Schumacher and each call my name.

If you are wondering why I keep going towards the blue tones (the orange above would be my extra shot of color) it is because on a whim a few months ago I decided to paint our front door electric blue and I would like to stay in the cool/blue hues. (Sorry about the horrible reflection I didn't realize it until just now).
So I want a new cushion fabric, pillows and I also need a new door mat. I really don't want to do stripes on stripes but I am having a hard time finding anything that says, "take me home now".

These are just a few I saw at Home Depot and Target.

So I need your help! I would love to hear any suggestions on pillows, fabrics, door mats, how to make my flowers grow better on the porch, you name it I am all ears!

A big thanks to Jennifer for having me on today, I will come back whenever you need me!


Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

Marianne- your porch looks great. I can't believe I haven't been over to see it!

Love the blues/oranges for your pillows for your swing. Some pillows with those colors would look great with your front door. I will think about what I have seen and let you know.

Jennifer- so fun to have guest bloggers. Thanks for thinking of this!

bluehydrangea said...

Your porch looks great!! Love the stripes and the bright blue front door. It is so happy. I love the blue greek key looking fabric and with a shot of orange it would be great. Of course I can't make a decision on my own pillow fabric so maybe you shouldn't listen to me!!

Pink Wallpaper said...

you're porch looks great! good job :)

Wanderings of a Wannabe said...

What a great looking porch! All of the hard work paid off- for sure!

I would use the blue or orange schumacher (maybe a long lumbar) on the swing. I don't know if you are totally set on getting rid of what you already have, but they would look great with that blue schumacher, so maybe one of those in the rocker . I do love that pop of orange with the blue door though...Decisions, Decisions!

Definitely go with the greek key mat. That bold print compliments that beautifully bold door.

Anonymous said...

TJ Maxx and Home Goods in Hoover both have great selections of outdoor cushions right now!! Check them out!

Chic Coles said...

I love the porch with the two toned colors. Check out our blog, www.chiccoles.blogspot.com- Just did a blog this morning on Trina Turk fabrics, don't you love her?

paula said...

I am in love! It looks amazing Marianne. I really love the pillows you have on there now and the blue pottery barn ones have the same feel, although I did almost buy the Home depot ones. I also love the first door mat. As for the plants are they meant for full shade? If so then a little bit of miracle grow goes a long way:) You are so chic!

Lauren said...

oh love it and i'd probably never go inside!! hahaha

JMW said...

That porch is wonderful - what a great way to change it up. Have you checked out Ballard Designs? Last I checked, they had some cute outdoor pillows, cushions, etc.

Anonymous said...

I can't even begin to tell you how much I ADORE your blue door. Heaven. And that keystone rug would be perfect in front of it.

Too bad the pillows you have now aren't outdoor ones. They are gorgeous! I'm really loving the idea of using rich cobalt blues and little pops of either orange or green as your color pallette. The pottery barn pillows aren't too bad, but I can see them not really "speaking" to you.

The Donghia fabric is really, really lovely though. Using that with lots of green plants would be stunning.

I could also see some great cobalt blue glass pieces used on your porch somewhere! (but then, I'm a sucker for cobalt blue glass) Maybe you could do something like at "This Young House" with hanging blue glass and candles? Pier one has some cobalt glass items right now, and they can be found other places, especially thrift stores and such.

Good luck!


layersofmeaning said...

Your porch looks great!
I like the pottery barn pillows!

Christina said...

oh very pretty, i so want a porch just so i can have a porch swing like that!

Haven and Home said...

You all are so great! Thank you so much for all the comments and suggestions!

Courtney said...

Your porch looks fantastic!! Love love love. I vote for blue or orange pillows (I like the ones you already have-- too bad they aren't outdoor!) and the Greek Key mat.

Maria Killam said...

Wow, looks amazing! I vote for actually shopping with that blue chip (it didn't look to me like any of those cushions matched the front door although it could be the camera of course).

Pier 1 had some great outdoor cushions (are they in the states?) you guys have way better stores than we do anyways so I'm sure you have tons of options. (I agree with not doing custom, even wholesale for us would probably be 3 or 4 times what you could buy them off the shelf for).

For floor mats, I prefer the black ones that are rubber and come in a variety of designs. . . they always look the best. Great post!

mb said...

Your porch looks fantastic, you creative, clever gal. Love the painted stripes on the floor and the blue front door. This is what I know about accent pillows on the front porch... from Target you say?? Enjoy the ones you have purchase already. Leave them on the porch... if you know that a kickin storm is heading to your hood, pull them in. If you forget and they get soaked, they will dry. (Target usually doesn't have feather decorative pillows right??)
By next Spring, you will be yearning for a new look and a new colorway, and your budget will allow you to once again let your creative mind wander.

min hus said...

Looks fab.

Just a word of warning about those colored straw mats, I got one from Target last autumn and the color wore off disappointingly quickly and now I need another new one.

My next mat will be a much nicer rubber one, I have one and it's the only thing that has really lasted.

Anonymous said...

Have you looked at Wisteria for your doormat? http://www.wisteria.com/searchprods.asp?searchstring=door%20mat
I have also had good luck with Ballard. If you pay for more than Target prices, they last longer.

Rachel said...

I love the stripes and the electric blue. I love the look and feel of the pillows your already have, so definitely something similar to those!!