Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 789's advice for burning candles

When my friend Rodney, owner of Revival, sent the information on the wonderful Diptyque candle for the giveaway, he also including some advice for burning candles. Since many of you have commented that you like to burn candles in your home, I thought I'd share:

"REVIVAL learned from DIPTYQUE that a each candle burn should allow the wax top to liquefy completely to the glass -- thus "training" the candle to burn completely with no wasted essential oil-laden wax clinging to the walls.

Also, trimming the wick every time the candles is lit really is very important; a short wick makes for a shorter flame, thus allowing a slower burn, a more-smokeless flame and the longest life! This works for ALL candles, but DIPTYQUE is especially adamant about maximizing performance for the investment.

DIPTYQUE candles "throw" (the parlance of the business) their fragrances very well -- so the candle need only burn to the outer edge, then be extinguished. It is wasteful if the candle burns non-stop once the fragrance is "thrown" into the air already."

I am a stickler for wick-trimming, but will definitely burn a candle for hours at a time. Might have to try that last one out on some of my "good" candles and see how it works.

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Chic Coles said...

Thank you so much for this information. I have never trimmed a wick and have had a lot of smoke problems. I am so excited to stop this problem! Also I leave very expensive candles burning for hours. Expensive habit I will stop doing.

Karen said...

So glad for the tip about burning until it liquefies. I always end up with that crater in the center.