Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 793: pretty photos and a winner

Congratulations to our Diptyque candle giveaway winner, Vanessa! Who I see -- after a quick peek at her blog -- is a fellow Auburn grad, fitting since Auburn football begins this week (and will take over our lives, as it does every fall).

War Eagle, and congratulations Vanessa. And a big, big thank you to everyone who entered.

Aren't these photos (from Town and Country magazine) delightful? I can't stop staring, and find something new each time I look.


vanessa said...

Yeah! I am so excited! Thank You!!

Adam said...

I apologize in advance: Roll Tide :)

and only bc Wes said he might get me tickets to a (UA) game: go Tigers every week but the last. (won't get a War Eagle out of me)

Back to the blog, I like the coffee table.

charm home said...

Beautiful pics. I love your blog. War Eagle too. Take a look at my post for today. Love Auburn Football!

Haven and Home said...

Loving these pictures!

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

Love these images. Congrats to the winner!