Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Day 241's progress

We're finally making some progress in the house! The new couch came yesterday, so we were both motivated to get going on the living room. Now with one room in order (though not completely finished), the rest of the house doesn't seem as daunting. We also grounded and replaced an outlet in the office all by ourselves! It was a proud moment, and hopefully not our last renovation success.

This Ashley Whittaker-designed room (featured in House Beautiful) is the inspiration for our's, and so far we're on the right track, I think. Our new sofa is upholstered in brown suede-velvet and it looks even better than I remembered. You already know I successfully scored a seagrass rug, and my mom gave me pale minty (but not in a bad way) green silk curtains for my birthday. They're almost ten inches too long, so I'm hoping to be able to reuse some of the extra fabric somewhere after we hem them (er, after I get them hemmed -- not yet handy on a sewing machine, unfortunately).

Last night I moved the green ceramic lamps that were on our bedside tables to the little tables beside the sofa and they look great! I love the way they looked in the bedroom too, so I'm a little sad to see them go. I think it's just that I'm obsessed with the lamps, and I want them in every room. Since they were $17 a pop at K-Mart, that's not totally out of the question!

I hate the way our camera washes everything out. I promise the lamp is green. At least the rug looks good!

To go above the couch, we have a set of four architectural prints we bought on our honeymoon in Charleston. They need to be framed, but I can't decide if I want simple wood frames, or something a little prettier, like a thin metallic frame.

Our little knock-off Parsons-style coffee tables look pretty whimpy next to the new, taller couch, so a new one is on the ever-growing list of furniture we'd like. With a heavy, dark couch, I think we need one that will lighten things up a bit. I'd love an antique metal and glass one, but I doubt it's in the budget. I like the legs on this one, but the shape of this one is probably better for the space. I like that finish, too. This one is more-budget friendly, but it's my least favorite of the three. Anyone know a good source for similar tables?

This side of the room is coming along nicely! The other side is a different story. More on it later.


Confessions said...

i love the coffee table look you're going for! we're watching for an old piece of iron in the antique stores. matt got a chop saw and a welder for christmas so he will be able to make one for us!! of course, that's a way down the road!! i go in potterybarn outlet occassionally- i have seen tables similar to the one you posted...i'll keep my eye out for you!

Jennifer said...

that would be awesome, Katie! I'm so jealous of all of you who live close to PB outlets.

there's a place in B-ham that has a bunch of old gates and doors. I think it's in Pepper Place downtown

Anonymous said...
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bryn alexandra said...

I stumbled upon your blog (not quite sure how I got here...) and think I found a blogger "twin" - I, too, and a newlywed who has a blog about being a newlywed. However, I always seem to tend to post about decorating and the house :) Just wanted to say hi! and I'm going to add you to my blogroll :)

Candace said...

Love the shape of your couch! I can say that I am quite jealous of the lamps too - nice touch for any room. I also have a blog that I love that you might want to check

I have also discovered the Pearls of Wit - another blog I'm becoming addicted to.

Anonymous said...

I am oh so happy about your sofa! Where did you find it?

Jennifer said...

at the same place we went - At Home. it's a different sofa than I had picked out, but the same fabric. Wes wanted three cushions instead of two, of course!