Friday, March 7, 2008

Day 250's plans

Where did this week go?! I guess I was pretty busy at work, so it was a nice surprise to realize that it was Friday this morning. Hooray! We've got quite a list of tasks for this weekend already:

- get all of the junk out of the dining room and deposit it in its rightful home
- exchange cute-but-uncomfortable Target shoes for curtain rod for dining room
- enjoy Chili Cook-Off despite predicted horrible weather
- create order in third bedroom by unpacking boxes and arranging furniture
- take old couch to Mom's basement (it's sitting in the dining room now) and bring futon (for third bedroom) and antique table for living room home
- get some things up on the walls
- investigate repairing dishwasher
- prepare some blog posts for next week
- bake something yummy!

Happy Weekend!

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bryn alexandra said...

I can't believe it! I'm so jealous of your job! Does your company have any offices/openings in Orange County?? I'm on the hunt for a job and that would be my dream lol. No wonder you are so great at design ;)