Monday, March 10, 2008

Day 253's blog crush

Our sweet friend Laura found this great blog and passed it along. I think I have a crush on this smart, cute couple and their little 1950's rancher in Richmond. I totally dig the beachy-chic style they have going on, and I can see that Sherry and I share affection for a few random things: sea fans, white Target frames, bamboo shades, Nate Berkus, wrapping presents, iron and glass coffee tables and blue-gray paint. Have a look.

Our bedrooms are the same colors, though theirs is much more modern. And those closets on either side are from Ikea. They added the wall space and crown at the top to look like built-ins -- genius!

Love that coffee table. Looks like "Cabinet of Natural Curiosities" on top.

Kitchen, before. Yikes.

Kitchen, after. Now this is what I'm talking about. This is exactly the color we want ours to be, and these cabinets are heavenly! I didn't think I wanted granite counter tops, but these are gorgeous! Not too busy or shiny. Click here or here for the low-down on this dramatic transformation.

I'm very jealous of her wrapping/writing station!

Looking forward to more inspiration from This Young House.


bryn alexandra said...

Oh I just love it!

And a message for Wes- thanks for the recs!! I'll have to check the out - and a few of my favorites: Jim Norton, Louis CK and Patrice Oneal. They are absolutely hilarious, especially Jim (but you have to have more than a PG rated humor).

Candace said...

Okay, so I just a minute to read blogs since forever ago, and I love this one that you crush...once again, I can't wait to get our house!

How's house decorating going for you?

Jennifer said...

well start pinching your pennies now! I don't think a weekend has gone by since we moved in that we haven't spent $100+ at Lowe's/Home Depot and we haven't even started on the major projects yet.

SGM said...

Oooooh, great find! That kitchen!

Laura said...

I had a feeling you would like their style--it reminded me so much of y'all!

I found the most incredible furniture store the other day. You must come visit and shop with me up here. I think you will be in hog heaven!