Monday, March 17, 2008

Day 260's decor dilemma

I saw this mirror through the window of a shop on my morning jogging route (back when I jogged in the mornings ...) in the fall and I knew I had to have it. I made a mental note to come back when the shop was open (I ran at 6:30, can you believe it?) and bring my camera along. I fully planned to ask for it for Christmas, but I came home from work one afternoon and it was waiting for me by the front door! Wes had remembered the shop name and location and the mirror enough to be able to find it again and bring it home for me -- he's sweet, I know.

It was perfect for our bedroom in the apartment. It sat above my desk-turned-dressing table and and reminded me of my sweet husband every time I looked at it. Our bedroom in the house is much smaller; in fact, the only furniture that we've fit in it is the bed and bedside tables and my dresser (Wes and his things have been banished to his office). The desk currently resides in the dining room as we're figuring things out. Which leaves my mirror ... homeless.

I think it needs to stay in the bedroom, as it goes perfectly with our linens and other things. But where? Look for yourselves:

It's too tall and narrow (and just the wrong shape) to go above the bed.

There's not really any where for it to go on this side, and now that you've seen these pictures, you've seen the whole room!

Oh, I almost forgot, the lovely closet, complete with a built-in shoe rack on the outside (I suddenly feel very exposed now that you've seen [almost] all of my shoes). See the mirror propped against the wall over there? Doesn't it look lonely? I think so too.

My only option appears to be to hang the mirror in the bathroom. But a pedestal sink with no medicine cabinet above it? I can do without a lot of things in the bathroom, but my toothpaste isn't one of them. Looks like we're back to the drawing board ...


Confessions said...

don't you hate that? things you love being put by the wayside because you can't figure out where to put them! i have a mirror dilema as well. do you have another dresser option (a lower, wider one)- could you and wes switch? you could hang the mirror and still keep the tv?? oh the issues! :) you'll figure something out!

megan @ a life's design said...

can you fit the desk-turned-dressing table on the same wall as the dresser. shift the dresser to the left, towards the window, the dressing table on the right side of the dresser, hang mirror...

Jennifer said...

all good suggestions!

Wes' dresser is the same size is mine (which I am obsessed with and would be very, very sad to part with. We have a smaller, wide dresser, but we just painted it white (more on it soon) and it's really much too small for all of my stuff :)

and I've tried moving the dresser along that wall, but it makes for a tight corner if it's close to the window, and I don't really think I'd get use out of the desk if it were next to the dresser because there isn't enough space to sit at it!

it's a tiny, awkward little room!

Anonymous said...

I think the best thing to do would be to buy a nice little 20" flatscreen TV for the room and call it quits.